Did you know that the conversations you have with yourself are very important to your happiness? It’s true. A famous quote by Eleanor Roosevelt, “With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts” speaks volumes about the power of positive self-talk. Many of us have continual conversations with ourselves and don’t even realize it. So, starting today, be aware of these conversations and make your inner dialogue positive, inspiring and encouraging. Better yet, schedule a gift to yourself, some daily “me time” to have motivational and rewarding internal conversations. You’ll be surprised how they will transform the way you feel about yourself, your accomplishments and your overall health. Removing your inner critic and learning how to have positive inner conversations is a win-win. You’ll not only feel better, you’ll look beautiful on the inside and out! Here are four ways to give yourself the gift of positive self-talk.

1. The Gift of Positive Affirmations: Stop negative thoughts in their tracks! Find quotes, reminders to yourself, cards from loved ones and other positive affirmations in your home, office, car and other locations where you spend time. When negative emotions and thoughts enter your mind, redirect the inner conversation by reading these inspirational messages over and over again.

2. The Gift of Kindness: If stressful, negative feelings take over your mind, you feel hopelessness or like the walls are caving in, pause, take a few deep cleansing breaths and “erase” these thoughts. Then ask yourself, “How can I bring some kindness into this moment?” Change your surroundings by taking a walk, starting a new project, calling a friend or other peaceful, enjoyable activity. Changing the scenery is a gift you can easily give to yourself.

3. The Gift of Silence: The saying, “silence is golden” can be helpful in conquering the negative self-talk battle. When your mind is spinning with negative thoughts and feelings of self-doubt, think of them as an opportunity to refresh and reset your mind. Close your eyes, tell all those negative thoughts to leave your mind and remain silent for a few minutes. As the negative thoughts try to return, tell each one that they will not take your joy or your beautiful power away from you. This may take some practice, but in no time, it will be something you look forward to.

4. The Gift of Learning From Our Experiences: Life is a journey. Some people’s lives seem easier and happier than others, but the truth is everyone has dealt with negative emotions. It’s not what happens to us that helps us grow; it’s how we learn and become stronger from these experiences that helps build our character and leads us on a positive journey to happiness. So, the next time a familiar situation triggers negative thoughts and self talk, take charge of the conversation. Remind yourself that you’ve experienced difficulty like this before, resulting in a stronger, wiser and more confident person because of it. Pat yourself on the back, look at the situation with open, positive eyes. Tell that inner voice that you will become even stronger this time, too.

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