Plug and Play your emotional intelligence

Getting matched to that special perfect person is only the first step. Now what? Introducing an A.I. powered coach to help you break the ice and get you from chat to date easy and effortlessly?

Meet your personal love coach
The challenge:<br>  Go beyond matching
The challenge:<br>  Go beyond matching

The challenge:
Go beyond matching

Ever felt stammered when trying to figure out your legendary icebeaker? Don't know what to focus on in the chat? 

You're not alone. We've ALL been there.

That's why we conceived of an artificial intelligence coach which assesses the MBTI and astrology of the matched couple to provide advice that will help you go from match to date with ease and effortlessness. 

Align with us

Be the best of your authenticity

Wouldn't it be great if you had a love coach, helping you be the best of yourself... or instruct you on which images you should include in your profile based on your unique nature.
Welcome to the future of dating.



Our A.I. engine compares your MBTI and astrology effortlessly behind the scenes to ensure you get matched to your ideal partner.


Never feel the stammering of not knowing what to say again. Your opening line just became your superpower.

Love coach

Our system will constantly hint at what you should focus on as your conversations progress. This love coach doesn't want you on the bench! Date more, swipe less.

Discover you

Constantly learn more about your personality, and find inner strength through our regular content based on your unique astrology and psychometric makeup.

Why do we need another dating app?

Today's dating apps are all a function of how well people market themselves. We go on date, after date without finding meaningful relationships. We spend days wondering when people will answer us. We deserve better.

Wondering why someone didn't swipe right? ...or why your friends who have the best profiles get all the matches you want? At Aligned Signs we believe that you should be seeing pre-vetted profiles that are a perfect match for your personality before seeing how physically attractive they (or their portfolios) are. Our patented approach focuses on the science of connection, before the art of attraction.

89 of 100 Forbes 100 companies use the Meyers Briggs personality assessment in their interview process.

Even though our apps are non-active right now, until recently 80 people were joining a day, with about 27,000 retained users still supporting us.

Some people out there are shy, introverted or inexperienced with social dating behavior. Our A.I. aims to help you with suggestions based on your Meyers Briggs, Chinese and Western horoscopes to help you break the ice, and enjoy easier conversations with people you've matched with.


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