The Science Of Connection Meets The Art Of Attraction

Online dating has overcome traditional dating. Aligned Signs offers certain perks that are harder to come by when meeting people through traditional means. Aligned Signs is easy to register, works at your own peace, is based on many different levels of

Good luck tips and charms to feng shui things your way by chinese zodiac sign

Good luck tips and charms to feng shui things your way by Chinese zodiac sign Whether it be a Pig, Rat, Dog or Ox, the Chinese Zodiac has something to say about a person, and knowing in advance can make

What Your Western Zodiac Sign Says About Your Dating Profile

While it may seem like a script out of a 1970smove, using the zodiac symbology as an icebreaker or discussion piece still works extremely well. So let’s cover a bit of a crash course on the topic. Aries (March 21 –

What does the Rooster have to do with your 2017 Outlook

2017: The Chinese Fire Rooster Year For anyone who has been introduced to the Chinese zodiac calendar, they know that each year is represented by a given animal. With 12 animals in the zodiac set, one comes up each year.

What Does Your 2017 Horoscope Have In Store For You

It’s a new year full of opportunity and wonder with a great deal of delicious mystery about what lies around the corner. Here’s your personalized guide to what 2017 holds in store for you.     Aries Study, travel and

[INFOGRAPHIC]: Chinese Zodiac Compatibility – Who is Your Match?

Stay Connected –          If you have ever heard that statement referencing being born in the “Year of the Pig” or “Year of the Rabbit” for example, it is likely they were referring to the Chinese Zodiac. Zodiac Compatibility is based

Get to Know Those Born in the Year of the Tiger

Stay Connected –          The years of Tiger are the third in a repeating pattern of twelve animal years which make up the Chinese Zodiac. Tiger years are preceded by the Ox Years and followed by the Rabbit years. The Chinese

Get to Know Those Born in the Year of the Ox

The Chinese Zodiac is based on a classification in which a twelve month period of time is symbolized by a particular animal. There are twelve different animals which have been chosen to characterize years hence the cycle repeats every twelve

Get to Know Those Born in the Year of the Rat

          Stay Connected –          The Chinese Zodiac is a traditional system of categorization of personality attributes based on an individual’s year of birth. It is believed to be 2000 years old and emerges from the Han

Get to Know Those Born in the Year of the Horse

The Chinese Zodiac is a repeating pattern that relates each year to a particular animal and its observed attributes. The horse ranks seventh of all the animals in the Chinese zodiac cycle. Years of Birth: 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966,