Gemini is the third among twelve signs which are part of Western Astrology. In any year, the people born between 21st May and 21st June belong to this sign. Symbolically, it is represented by ‘The Twins’ representing the dual nature of the sign and its inhabitants. It is also said to represent the existence of bipolar order of this world; like the day and night, the masculine and the feminine, the subject and the object etc. One of the most enigmatic signs of the Astrology, Gemini is not easy to decipher.

You can always count on a Gemini to have a good time!


In a single word, a Gemini is mercurial. Filled with child-like curiosity, Gemini has boundless enthusiasm and energy for exploring everything. By nature they are adventurous and become restless with too much security.

Every quality that we associate with youth and exuberance is present in Gemini.

Creativity, genius, innocence and an inclination for action. They are also able to completely ‘live in the moment’ and enjoy the present.

Every Gemini possesses an inherent insight into how people behave and what makes them tick. The art of being able to communicate with all types of people is a unique asset. They love all human interactions and are adept at conversation. They like to jump from one interesting subject to another; receiving and absorbing each new fact.

A fine sense of humor and genuine intellect makes Gemini a popular person easily winning many friends.

The duality aspect has its advantages. A Gemini is able to see both sides of an argument and make a logical judgment.


Gemini is full of both mind and emotion. But there are times when they fail to combine both in an effective package.

Unfortunately, they are likely to be a Jack of Many Trades but a Master of None. They fleet among multiple passions without fully pursuing one. The female Gemini is likely to a closet full of clothes she does not wear while the male Gemini may have lots of gadgets he never uses. Lack of focus and steely resolve is hence a typical weakness.

Gemini thrives in a constantly dynamic environment. Put them in a stable, settled atmosphere and they are likely get bored and start hunting for excitement.


In a relationship, like in life, they are highly entertaining and sharp witted, but unpredictable. They can be a challenge to read too. They regale their partner with light-hearted amusing stories and an attitude for adventure. Then the next day, might come across as unemotional and cold, do to their objective reasoning and big-picture views.

Gemini’s love connecting through continual thought stimulation and excitement of life. So, if you want a person who can be comfortable in any variety of setting, Gemini is the one. They also prefer for things to flow naturally and with ease.

They love the unexpected and hence like to give and receive surprises.

The Gemini is a great match for anyone who hates monotony, loves to be on the move and dislikes the predictable life. Hence, the balancing Libran or the adaptable Aquarian are thought to be the quality matches.


Gemini Careers | Communications, Public Relations, Translation, etc.The natives of this sign do well in any occupation which requires verbal networking, writing skills and analytical judgment. They do not like mundane work but otherwise are quite flexible as an employee. At the workplace, they would want to express their creativity.

The curiosity helps them succeed in Journalism. Language and conversation skills lead them to translation, talk show hosting, and Public Relations.

Gemini’s make good as a copywriter because they are good at reading people or as a teacher because of their love of communication and passing on knowledge to impressionable minds.



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