In the rat race of time, many of us chase things outside of ourselves for the promise of future happiness: a promotion, a new material object, a significant other, the list goes on.  Alas, the satisfaction we reap from the external world is short-lived because lasting happiness—the kind that gives us the confidence to be ourselves, that allows us to experience deep and meaningful relationships, to find our strengths and thrive professionally—comes from within.  It is the result of self-awareness.

Self-awareness is an honest and thorough understanding of oneself, and the key to professional, social and romantic success.  Truly knowing yourself is perhaps the cornerstone to a fulfilling and healthy life.

How self-awareness influences your professional life

Tapping into your inner self can instantly reduce stress and anxiety associated with your professional life.  The key is not only to recognize, but fully embrace your strengths and weaknesses.  Only then can you optimize on your innate assets and surround yourself with others who can make up for your weak spots.  This level of consciousness will increase your confidence and value as an employee and ultimately maximize the potential of your team as a whole.

Further, understanding your unique qualities will lead you in a career direction that compliments your personality and desires.  For example, if you are a social person you might struggle being behind a desk working on excel sheets all day — but you will likely thrive in sales!

How self-awareness influences your social life

Self-aware individuals generally have rich and fulfilling social lives.  These individuals understand their personal needs; they accept themselves entirely (flaws included) and, in turn, are more accepting of others.

However, without self-awareness it is nearly impossible to recognize what your essentials are.  Do you require attention, recognition, belongingness, achievement to identify with a certain social status?  What are the motivations behind your needs? By truly understanding your psychological preferences and inner drive, you empower yourself to seek out the rewards that feed satisfaction and fulfillment.

Once you understand your necessities and how to nurture them in a collective setting you will have a greater capacity to support the wishes of those you care about.  This level of mindfulness fosters empathy for others and acceptance for their individuality. Assess and then reassess to ensure that you are surrounding yourself with people who are uplifting and encouraging.

Self-awareness will also help you discover what is draining you so that you can make adjustments to achieve balance.  For example, if you are introverted you might have to schedule alone time to balance social interactions.

How self-awareness influences your love life

Compatibility is generally the first thing that comes to mind when considering a romantic relationship.  But what makes two people well-suited and how do you find a like-minded partner?

If you’ve ever filled out an online dating profile you probably know that compatibility can be measured by shared values such as relationship goals, religious views, political opinions and so on.  But if you are looking for a meaningful and enduring relationship you must first be solid in your understanding of yourself, what you are offering, and what you are looking for, before you can measure your synergy with another person.

Self-awareness brings to light your inherent qualities, preferences, behaviors, and values.   Importantly, especially in a romantic relationship, self-awareness helps you understand your feelings, what causes those feelings and how they impact of the internal process associated with your thoughts and actions.

When you acquire this heightened self-knowledge you will gain greater control over your emotions and have the power to make any necessary adjustments so that you can get what you emotionally desire from your romantic relationships.  Further, you will become a better communicator who responds to situations rather than reacts, and you will be more understanding and accepting of the partner you choose.

The next question you may ask is, how do I achieve self-awareness?  Well, for me it was a long journey and months of searching—reading books, attending seminars, conversing with others on their views of the world and relationships.   Ultimately, it was a combination of modern science and multicultural faith that lead me to total self-awareness.  The impact of truly understanding myself was so profound that I have since dedicated my life to continuing this wellness adventure and helping others do the same.  My company, Aligned Signs, has given thousands the tools and resources to first connect with themselves and then connect with others if they so desire.  No matter what path you take the fact is this: Once you achieve self-awareness the rest will follow.

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