Identifiers are facets to your personality.  The three we utilize on our platform currently are western astrology, chinese zodiac, and the Myers Briggs Personality Assessment (R). There are multiple facets to what makes up who you are, we implement these three because they are world renowned and time-tested.  We plan to add additional identifiers in the future and are interested in knowing which you would like us to add.

This software draws on already-existing massive bodies of knowledge on
compatibility for MBTI(R), Western Astrology and Eastern Zodiacs to advise on how to:
1. Break the ice by recommending what the matched pair would best respond to
2. Educate the matches on how to understand and to empathize with the other person’s profile
3. Constantly learn more about yourself in the process
4. Help you pick ideal activities for going out on a date –  ranging from movie suggestions, to restaurant recommendations.