Good luck tips and charms to feng shui things your way by Chinese zodiac sign


Whether it be a Pig, Rat, Dog or Ox, the Chinese Zodiac has something to say about a person, and
knowing in advance can make a big difference in a person’s day.

The Rat
A naturally political animal, the Rat never loses energy, has an extreme focus, and fits the networking
persona naturally. Prince Harry of the British Royal Family is a prime example of the zodiac sign, but he’s
not alone; his father Prince Charles is also a Rat as well (no pun intended). The ideal charm for the Rat is
the green Wu Lou charm.

The Ox
As animal the Ox is known as a beast of burden, but as a zodiac symbol the Ox represents a balance
between physical attractiveness and ethical principles. Two celebrities who were born in the year of the
Ox include George Clooney and Adrian Brody. A Wu Lou charm works but if you have a fish tank,
an Arowana is ideal as well.

The Tiger
A fighter, a lover and a speaker of philosophy among other skills, the Tiger is a soul who will suffer, and
do it dramatically. That’s a good thing because the Tiger represents the great soul we all want to be at
times, and we’re jealous our lives aren’t as adventurous. Leonardo DiCaprio is among them, and another
Tiger celebrity includes famous comedian Bill Murray. And if you look around a Tiger’s room or office,
don’t be surprised to see an elephant charm in place.

The Rabbit
No one would probably call Brad Pitt a Rabbit, but that is exactly what year he was born in with the
Chinese Zodiac. The Rabbit is a great diplomat, but deep inside the person may be internally the
opposite. These people tend to carry on great roles in life, but also have a distinct duality, giving them
great complexity in life. Kate Winslet qualifies as well. A medicine Buddha tends to be in their belongings
or homes as well.

The Dragon
These grand lizards won’t buckle in the blast of challenge; they stick to their beliefs no matter what.
Dragons are dedicated to the greater good, even to their own personal expense. Martin Luther King, Jr.,
lived by the definition of the classic Dragon, and the late John Lennon (the Beatles) was also in this
category. A green Tara imagery may be found in the Dragon's domicile as a charm.

The Snake
In the eastern zodiac being a Snake is a good thing. The year of the Snake is known for wisdom, deep
soul characteristics, and intuition for choosing the long-run smarter path. Pierce Brosnan is born in the
Snake year, and Robert Downey Jr. is also a classic example. Known for a long time as a wreck, Downey
is now one of the highest paid actors in the industry with a diverse acting career. The Snake also favors
the Medicine Buddha or a Citrine Tree for a charm.

The Horse
A funny character who enjoys attention and being the focus of people’s interest, this sign also has the gift
of beauty as well as a skill as winning challenging feats and obstacles. Jennifer Lawrence is a modern
version of the Horse, with a life in the moment view combined with a beautiful appearance and knack for
diverse acting. Interestingly, Jackie Chan is also a Horse member. Among furnishings a Pi Yao set is sure
to be found.

The Goat
The proverbial joker, the Goat gets along with folks as an average Joe, but the Goat can be an arrogant
knucklehead as well. Humor is the lifesaver, no matter how shock the Goat may joke or behave. That
said, the Goat’s own sensitivity for others is the line not crossed, and the combination makes the Goat
lovable by many. Will Ferrell is a good example of this zodiac sign, and so was Renaissance artist
Michelangelo. Oddly, the three statues of Fuk Luk Sau is the good charm for the Goat.

The Monkey
Always seeming to be young, the Monkey wants adventure, play and excitement. Jennifer Aniston is a
good example of this sign, as well as Celine Dion. With relationships more important than place, material,
and money, the Monkey is a core person connected to others. But the sign can also be extreme diverse
and hard to pin down or categorize at first blush. Look for a Three Legged Toad as a charm.
The Rooster
The veritable early morning bird, the Rooster wants attention and is a symbolic leader figure on a regular
basis. But at the same time the Rooster is also its own worst critic with high expectations to meet. They
focus on success and frequently come out as top players. Britney Spears is a perfect example of the
Rooster, ultimately showing everyone how much of a winner she is in entertainment. Jay-Z also shares
the Rooster category. A Money Frog is commonly uses for a Rooster charm.

The Dog
Some would be insulted being called a dog, but not in the Chinese Zodiac. The Dog may spend a lot of
time worrying about risks, but that makes the person that much better of a planner and strategist. Tina
Fey shows this in her skill as a writer, producer and comedian. President Trump has clearly shown a skill
for achieving unexpected wins and falls in the Dog year as well. A Laughing Buddha represents a good
Dog charm.

The Pig
The patient, cool type are more often than not born under the year of the Pig. These are folks who
maintain their calm under cool, regardless of pressure and circumstances. Winona Ryder is an example
of this zodiac sign and so is Elton John. Pigs like the Elephant charm or the 3 Guardians for placement.


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