There’s no argument that the world is dealing with a new virus that no medical vaccine or medicine has been to date designed to deal with. Generally known as Coronavirus (COVID-19), the latest outbreak of easily spread sickness has now literally reached around the world and infected at least 90,000 people. The Coronavirus has also resulted in a number of deaths as well, both facts triggering lots of alarm. And it doesn’t help that the media keeps rehashing the same details and images of the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic as well. Bundle it all together, and the latest viral condition has everything need to make people feel a little panicky.

However, while it might seem perfectly natural to want to shut the doors and figure out a way to stay inside and away from everyone else for the next six months, that’s not practical nor doable for many. Just like the flu, Coronavirus will eventually make its way around every neighborhood and home because it is transmitted through the air and contact. And just the same way the flu infects everyone, the new virus moves very fast through populations, even suburban and rural clusters.

Instead of spending a lot of energy hoping to dodge the virus bullet, folks would be better off spending their time and energy getting prepared for the eventual arrival. But before doing anything, take care of yourself getting plenty of sleep, a good diet and exercise. All three contribute daily to a better, natural defense system.

  1. Get Your Home Prepared for a Virus Timeout

Plan for your entire family when preparing and anticipate that you may like need supplies for up to two weeks if you or a family member needs to be quarantined from work or school. That means you’re not running around getting others infected looking for last minute toilet paper, water, food, or supplies. Keep in mind, your digital ordering of food won’t work either. Everyone else might be down too or delivery services may not care to come to your door during the full hit of an outbreak. So, you have to be able to provide for yourself adequately. This is where bulk water, big packages of toilet paper, canned food, and frozen meals are a smart choice. You can stock them for a while and not worry about things going bad, and you will have plenty of resources when you need to knock out for a while.

  1. Store Sufficient Resources You’re Going to Need

It’s one thing to tell people to store water and supplies, but for you what really matters tends to be what specifically you should stock up on. We talked about food and water above, but there are other resources you will need an extra supply of during a serious outbreak. What those supplies are depends on your particular family situation.

For example, if you regularly rely on prescription pharmaceuticals or medical supplies, you should plan to get enough of a supply that you won’t need refill for a few weeks. Some medical offices might not allow a large supply but it never hurts to ask until you know for sure. An alternative method is to arrange for your medical supplies to be shipped to your home. At least then the deliveries should continue even if you can’t go to the local clinic. It doesn’t hurt to have a good supply of over-the-counter medicines as well. Even a mild Coronavirus infection is likely going to have flu-like symptoms, fever, and general cold-similar symptoms. Fluids, cough relief medicines, stomach nausea and pain relief should all be on your list.

Additionally, have your medical records handy and available in case a family member or close friend has to explain to a doctor your past needs if you can’t or are too miserable to focus. Having these documents for your family will be key in remembering what you need to address for your family members if you’re the one who has to do the communicating for them as well.

Finally, go over your home care plan with your family. When people get sick, it happens fast and then there’s not much time to orient on what’s needed logically. Use the time know to make sure everyone understands their role if you or they get sick and how to care for each other.

  1. Set Up a Childcare Plan for Your Kids

If you get seriously sick, you may be in no condition to take care of your own kids for a while. Or school may be shut down and the kids have to be taken care of, even if none of you are sick. Balancing the requirement to be at work with your children will be challenging in these situations. Get ahead of the curve and find out what your kid’s school plan will be as well as how your employer will treat sickness needs and family care. Work with your partner or spouse for options and contingencies if sickness alternates. It may not be a bad idea to set up some contingencies with close friends as well if both you and your spouse are too debilitated to take care of your own children.

  1. Watch Out for Scams

Unfortunately, hard times and challenges bring out characters who take advantage of people panicking, and getting people to buy useless stuff marketing as virus protection is not an exception to this pattern. Already, a number of characters are selling miracle-cures and prevention garbage labeled as a must-have for Coronavirus. To date, there is no vaccine or medical cure for the Coronavirus. While health companies are trying to develop a vaccine, it’s not available yet. So, no one has a cure or prevention tool that works. If people get sick they have to try to ride out the viral cycle until their own system develops an immunity, and they recover.


  1. Don’t Start Panicking, No One is in a Special Category

Coronavirus and serious cases have been few, but those cases that have results in mortality are not specific to just old people or little children. Many victims have been otherwise healthy adults, but many were also health workers repeatedly exposed as well as being exhausted caring for so many patients at once. Be prepared, stock up, anticipate what you will need for an extended stay at home, and plan to care for your family adequately. Accept social behavior and greetings norms may need a temporary change. It’s not you, it’s the new virus normal. When the virus really hits, local businesses and schools will shut down temporarily to limit spread, and then it will pass. You should anticipate this real possibility and shop accordingly so you’re not caught by surprise when your household gets sick.

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