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Don’t hold back your tears any longer! Crying can be beneficial in healing you psychologically and in a spiritual manner. Tears are a mini miracle that can be taken for granted on a daily basis. Recent research has shown that a good cry can in fact, help you feel better. Crying is therapeutic to many as it allows them to become in touch with their emotions. Neuroscientist and director of the Alzheimer’s disease Research Center at Regions Hospital in St. Paul, MN – Dr. William H Frey II has spent over 15 years studying the benefits of crying. According to Frey, he believes that crying is not simply a natural response to sorrow, it is a healthy one. Crying is also beneficial in reducing emotional stress. Holding your tears in for an extended period of time could have negative effects on the body, which could lead to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and other stress-related disorders.

Research has shown:

  • Women cry up to 47 times a year
  • Men only cry an average of 7 times a year
  • We are more likely to cry between 7 and 10 P.M.
  • 85% of women feel a sense of relief after a good cry
  • 73% of men felt less angry and sad after crying


Listed below are five reasons as to why crying is beneficial:

1. Tears Help Us See

Tears are responsible for lubricating our eyeballs and eyelids. Crying can prevent dehydration of our mucus membranes. When we allow tears to fall from our eyes, they are actually cleaning the surface of our eyes, while they also eliminate germs that our eyes and eyelashes collect overtime. Think of crying as a natural way to get rid of any free radicals that can be trapped in your eyes.

2. Crying Can Elevate Your Mood

Studies have proved that humans will feel better with a lower manganese level. Are you aware of what your manganese level is? No worries, most people are unsure as well. Overexposure to manganese can cause mood swings, fatigue, anxiety, and mixed emotions. Crying when upset can in fact lower a person’s manganese level which lead to a better feeling you. Suppressing your tears on a regular basis can increase your overall stress levels, which another reason why you should not hold back your tears.

3. Cope with Sorrow

A deep cry is generally healthy for you, since you are able to express deep emotions in a way that you may not on a daily basis. The Freudian theory suggests that it is perfectly normal to let your feelings out and that if you are discouraged to cry, it can have a negative impact on your health. Many may feel embarrassed to cry often, because it can be viewed as a signal for help from others. People are more than likely to reach out a helping hand when they see someone who is crying in public. Dealing with a life changing situation such as a recent death of a loved one or breakup is definitely not easy to deal with, but there is nothing wrong with crying either alone or with a friend whom you feel comfortable around in order to help you grieve.

4. Tears Build Community

Another benefit to crying is that it also builds community. Ashley Montagu is a writer for Science Digest and mentions that while many may believe that crying can build community may seem irrelevant, but it does hold significance. If you see a woman sitting across from you on the bus that is crying heavily, it is completely normal to console her and ask what is wrong. This can help build community by helping one another in a time of need and even encourage conversation.

5. Emotional Crying Means You’re Human

The eyes of mammals are moistened and soothed by the production of tears. Human beings are the only mammals that hold the ability to shed tears in response to hardship or distress. We are lucky to have the gift of expressing our emotions easily that can lead others to recognize the emotions we are experiencing in the current moment. Our emotions motivate us to empathize with others and work in a unit to get through hard times in the best to our abilities.

The next time you feel that lump in your throat, or are experiencing a difficult period in your life, do not be discouraged to let your tears out! While some may view crying as a form of weakness, just remember the all of the benefits listed above. Don’t hold back your tears, its healthy!

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