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The concept of using positive thinking to help you succeed in business, although referred to in The Science of Getting Rich (1910) by New Thought author Wallace Wattle (1860-1911), owes much of its popular application to Norman Vincent Peale (1898-1993). His book, The Power of Positive Thinking, became the mantra for many business leaders in the mid to late 20th century.  In the United States, it was a common buzzword for many individuals who wanted to succeed and were determined to do so, no matter what the obstacles. Peale actually cites the American author and philosopher, Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882).  “A man is what he thinks about all day long” is utilized to express and support the notion of the mind-body-opportunity link.{#/wp-content/uploads/images/SocialMediaSuccessStoriesandwhatyourbusinesscanlearnfromthem300x199.jpg}

The Approach

The approach to business is simple: If you think wrong, you do wrong and act wrong. This will not be conducive to you getting ahead in business. As a result, you need to adopt the following approach:

  • Shift from the negative thoughts to the positive
  • Alter your mind’s pattern
  • Move away from negative thinking, replacing your old thoughts with new ones
  • Apply this concept to your business and personal life
  • In doing so, good things will happen. You will be able to overcome any form of obstacles that lie between you and your goal or arise during your employment

The Methods to Employ this Strategy

If you wish to alter your focus, you need to approach the problem coherently. You must clearly define your goals—e.g. succeeding in business, achieving the dream job, overcoming difficulties at work. Once you have defined your specific goal or goals, you need to take the next step. You must think positively.

According to positive thinking, when you do so, you set into movement the very positive forces you need to help you obtain your goal. This is the start, the shifting of your mind-set. Yet, it will require you know something about altering your thought patterns. Indeed, one method of obtaining a change in your mind’s patterns is through an old form often associated with Eastern philosophy as well as “ancient magic.” This is called visualization.




Visualization is the process of creating in your mind the specific goal, reaching the goal and completing the process. You imagine clearly the following:



  • What you want
  • The circumstances as they should be to reach it
  • You develop the image/scene, further in your mind
  • You bring it about to its completion – actualize it

This alteration does not occur immediately. While it may be simple for some individuals, it is more difficult for others. It is essential; however, you keep reinforcing the image. You need to follow through until the situation is no longer in your mind but becomes a reality.

The Power of Positive Thinking has become a catch phrase among many different individuals. In business, many individuals perceive it as forming the basis for becoming successful. They believe that, in order to succeed, they need to be affirmative. They need to remove all negative thoughts, replacing them with positive ones. They must visualize achieving the goal. Only by doing so, will they be able to become the success they wish to be.

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