Selfies have become a major part of social media. It seems like everyone has taken a selfie, including The Pope. Our smartphones make it a breeze to take and post selfies from almost anywhere and quickly upload them onto social media to share a glimpse of our life with the rest of the world. It turns out that selfies may actually do more than show your face to the world, they might actually paint a picture of your personality.

You may be revealing a lot about yourself through your selfies without even realizing it. Research conducted by Nanyang Technological University psychology professor Lin Qiu indicates that how you take a selfie might give insight into your personality. He asked 120 Chinese students who had taken a selfie recently and posted it to a popular Chinese social media site, to complete a personality profile. He found that the participants personalities correlated to certain aspects of their selfie pictures. Other research has found similar results. Another study, conducted by Bringham Young University Scientists and published in Visual Communication Quarterly, also found that selfie styles correlate with certain personality traits. So, what does your selfie style say about your personality? Here are some of the most important things found in the research about selfies and your personality.

You Smile or Laugh

Are you always smiling or laughing in your selfies? If so, then you are more likely to be extroverted and open to new experiences. You are also more likely to be the life of the party and a person that others want to be around.

Duck Lips

The Duckface is a facial expression that makes your lips look super pouty. This pose is made by made by pushing your lips outward like a duck. It gives the appearance of large, pouty lips. Based on her Instagram, this is Kim Kardashian’s favorite selfie pose. Although this pose is super cute, it hints at emotional instability and neuroticism personality traits.

Hidden Location

If you hide the location of your selfie, it means that you are likely a very private person and have high levels of conscientiousness. You are more likely to be introverted and careful about what you share with the rest of the world.

Low Camera

If you hold the camera from a low location when you take a selfie, you are likely agreeable and friendly. This means that you are also more likely to be an extrovert.

Eye Contact with the Camera

Do you gaze directly at the camera when taking a selfie? If so, then you are probably cool and collected. People who make direct eye contact with the camera are more apt to be bold and confident.

Party-Time Selfie

If you post lots of selfies at fun parties, then you might be open to new experiences and things. You don’t like boring routines or tasks. You are likely outgoing and an extrovert.

As you can see, your selfies can tell a lot about your personality. So, before you snap that next selfie, think about what it says about your personality. Also, pay attention the next time that your friends post selfies online. What do their selfies say about their personalities?



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