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How do you behave in your relationship?

Take the quiz below to see how much you know about Relationships!

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In case you have not already figured it out, ‘RQ’ is the Relationship Quotient. Relationships are the fuel of life. So how well do you understand them? And mind you, we are talking ONLY about the relationship with your significant ‘other’: your spouse, your partner or basically, the ‘special’ person in your life!

Let us start at the very beginning. Did you know that 48% women and 30% of men already know the basic facts about their dates before even meeting for the first time? Work experience, education details, preferences etc: It is all out there, primarily on social networking sites. And hey, why not have a first look, right? Ice-breaking becomes much easier. And ‘filtering effort’ as well!

On a more serious note, the fact is that relationships are ALWAYS dynamic. Like the people involved, relationships change, evolve, mature. Love and romance in a relation goes through its highs and lows. So do not expect to feel like you are on ‘cloud nine’ everyday!

Its okay to have a little space to allow the connection to prosper. If your partner is in his own world, let him be! He surely will be back. Enjoy the ‘silent’ period. Respecting each other’s privacy of thoughts actually leads to stronger linking. Infact, every great relationship boasts of almost telepathic silent communication.

But there is a difference between ‘space’ and ‘time’. Modern couples rarely ‘see’ each other inspite of living together. Jobs, stress, chores, kids even social gatherings leaves you with no time to be intimate with your loved one. And it will always be so unless you time is specifically set aside for intimate moments. Take a vacation. Go for a weekend activity together. But do make it a priority to put forth effort, you get out what you put in!

Be understanding of your partner's needs and wants

We all have daydreamed about the ideal romantic situation. Many times, real life circumstances may differ completely from fantasies though. So long as you trust your feelings about your significant other and accept the differences between the two of you, happiness can be found.  It doesn’t hurt to be flexible in life situations and open to compromising either.

For instance, whenever married couples are asked about their ‘ideal’ spouse, they rattle off a quick wish-list of what they would rather have.

But as they say, practice what you speak! A great start would be to BE your ‘ideal’ partner. Think about what you can do differently. Think about how s/he would like you to behave in a particular situation. Once you to start to make the adjustments to improve, the relationship automatically begins to blossom. The added offshoot is if you are making the effort, this would be surely be noticed and generally reciprocated.

Simple even clichéd things like ‘when in a fight, count to 100’ do actually work. More often than not, once you are done counting, you would not remember why you were mad!

Proactively speaking out about what you desire is right thing to do rather than complaining. ‘I want to go Florida for holiday’ sounds so much better than ‘We never take a vacation’.

Relationships require time and energy on both sides to make them successful. It is not about winning an argument but about doing what is right for the two as a unit. One only needs to understand that s/he is your biggest ally. After that, kindness and understanding will melt away most of the issues.

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