How Music Can Impact Your Health and Mindset

Stay Connected –          While it may sound rather New Age or at least outlandish, music does more than “soothe the savage breast.” It actually does have powers to help you improve your health. Individuals suffering from various diseases or illnesses

History of the Chinese Zodiac

Like many others, my introduction to the Chinese Zodiac was somewhat prosaic and was while I was eating a meal.  Looking down at my placemat I quickly found my own animal symbol and read through how I was expected to

What Is The Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator or MBTI Personality Tool?

Stay Connected –          One of the common buzz words in business and even among family members is the “Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator” or “MBTI®.” Yet, while the words may casually appear in conversation and on the written page, it does not

Fiber is an Important Part of Your Daily Diet

Stay Connected –          Among many of the substances your body requires, fiber stands out, as it is not only significant in its role in the digestive process; it is also unusual. You cannot manufacture fiber within your body and it

Ox, Snake and Rooster Compatibility — Chinese Zodiac Second Trine

The Second Trine The 12 signs of the Ming Shui (Circle of Animals) of the Chinese Zodiac are split into four groups of three animals each. These divisions are referred to as “trines.” Each trine contains animals that are not

Laughter – The Miracle Cure of Life

Stay Connected –          It turns out laugher really is the best medicine. Laughter is one way to make your life healthier as well as happier. It is truly an inexpensive, noninvasive medical cure. You can literally laugh your way toward

Yoga – A Great Part of Living Healthy

Stay Connected –          Ah, yoga. You have those who fanatically practice a few times every day. You have those who take a class with some regularity. You also have those who look at those who take it as “weird.” Perhaps

Mythology Of The Ming Sui (Circle Of Animals)

Mythology Of The Ming Sui (Circle Of Animals) There exist different variations on how the Circle of Animals came into being. The most common variation goes something like this: The Circle Of Animals Is Called Once upon a time, when

The MBTI® Type Indicator Personality Assessment In Greater Depth

Stay Connected –          What’s Your Personality? The MBTI® Type Indicator In Greater Depth The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment tool has a system in place to help you to unlock the secrets of your personality. It will not only reveal

Year of the Dragon — 2012 and Those Born in It

Welcome To The Year of The Dragon In 2012 the world joins in the celebration of the year of the Dragon. The Dragon is a mythological animal that occupies the fifth position in the Chinese Zodiac. One of the strongest

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