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Get to Know AquariusAquarians, the eleventh sign under the zodiac, are born between January 20-February 18. These intellectual and talkative individuals enjoy learning about new topics, sharing their ideas with others, and being in control of their goals. The Western Zodiac symbol for an Aquarius is a Water Bearer, which represents their ability to put the past behind them quicker than most people. Their spontaneous and fearless nature is often admired by those who usually play it safe. They tend to focus their energy on social interactions, because they enjoy listening to the perspective and viewpoints of others. Some may describe an Aquarius’ personality as eccentric or odd, which is accurate when an Aquarius is highly passionate about a given subject or topic. Known as true pioneers of the zodiac, they desire to make the world a better place.


This witty sign is often recognized for their unique thought process, and ability to hold a general knowledge of various topics. They captivate others easily through their ability to lead an entire group of people effortlessly. Similar to Capricorn, an Aquarius believes that it is their duty to be a positive contribution to society on a daily basis. They treat hardships as a learning experience, and have the ability to move on in a quick manner. Aquarians are relentless; they have been known to make extreme sacrifices in order to achieve their goals. These friendly socialites enjoy offering advice to practically anyone that will listen to them. The natural comedian, an Aquarius can make others laugh by sharing a funny story or by playing a prank on a friend/colleague. Additional strengths of Aquarians include:

  • Brave
  • Positive
  • Defiant
  • Logical


While there are several qualities that make an Aquarius easily likeable, they can contain a few negative personality traits as well. If you catch them on an off day, Aquarius could come off moody, agitated, and on edge. Their controlling tendencies could turn off some people, as they can nitpick over the smallest and most subtle details. They can be stubborn when attempting to get their point across and someone disagrees with their opinion. An Aquarius can often become impatient, and unnecessarily argue with others. Some can find Aquarians to be overbearing, which may lead one to distance themselves from them. Other weak points an Aquarius  should be conscience of include:

  • Self-destructive
  • Bitter
  • Controlling
  • Unrealistic

Aquarius in love

Aquarius in Love

Some of the dominant personality characteristics that Aquarians are known for hold true when it comes to their love life as well. They are idealists, who desire a perfect relationship that is similar to a fairy tale. It is best recommended that they meet someone who shares similar characteristics of their own. Since they have no trouble getting to know people, an Aquarius can often find love through mutual friends. Dating a friend through the grapevine will allow for natural conversation and a sense of comfort since you both share the same circle of friends. Most Aquarians enjoy getting romantic with their lovers, they treat these occurrences as a way of bonding with their partner. Key factors that are required for a healthy Aquarius relationship include: loyalty, trust, and fun. Once an Aquarius feels a mutual respect back from their lover is when they will be ready to settle down.


Aquarius Love Matches

The ideal signs that an Aquarius could find long lasting love include: Gemini, Libra, Aries, and Sagittarius. Aquarius-Gemini both have strong communication skills, and enjoy having time alone to unwind. Aquarius-Libra share high standards, attention to detail, and innovative ways of thinking. Aquarius and Aries form a creative couple who benefit from the skills of one another. Aries are aggressive and take action when needed, even under short notice. Once combined with an Aquarius’ visual perspective, they can easily bounce ideas off one another. Finally, Aquarius-Sagittarius enjoy being spontaneous together and sharing intense conversations about any given topic.

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