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INTP Characteristics

Besides being called the ‘Thinkers’, the INTP type is also referred to as the ‘Architect’ or ‘Engineer’. An INTP holds several traits that make them a distinctive personality type. They are most well recognized for their logical way of thinking. INTPs enjoy making elaborate plans in their minds, and attempting to follow through to the best of their ability. These innovative thinkers are made up of: Introverted (I,) iNtuition (N,) Thinking (T,) and Perceiving (P.) If you would like to figure out your individual personality type, take The Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator (MBTI®) assessment. The MBTI® assessment tool is a great way to learn about how you make decisions, discover your most compatible matches, careers where you would likely thrive, and more! Below are just some of the key characteristics that makeup an INTP.


INTPs are known for making smart choices in their daily lives. They are highly imaginative and others are often impressed with their ability to comprehend things in a visual manner. INTP’s make good friends, because they are great listeners. INTPs focus on their future plans, most often following through to completion. They are usually punctual, a bit reserved, but curious in nature. Often admired for their intellectual characteristics, INTPs enjoy offering advice to their family and friends when needed.



An INTP can experience some difficulty when it comes to expressing their emotions to others, because they don’t want to be viewed differently by those who are close to them. They can be guarded around someone they do not feel comfortable around. In most cases, INTPs can experience difficulty in managing their personal finances, due to their tendencies to overspend. While INTPs are known to be laid back most of the time, they can become quickly angered when their point is misunderstood about a given subject.



INTPs normally create their ideal relationship in their heads, but this can end up hurting them if they feel as if their partner is not matching up to their imaginary standards. They can easily loose motivation when seeking a partner who meets their needs, because people in the “real world” could seem bland, when compared to the person created in their imaginary world. An INTP is more likely to have a few long lasting relationships before they settle down. Once they know that their partner is committed to them, is when an INTP will offer their unlimited affection. INTPs can find long lasting love with fellow INTPs as well as ENTJs, the “executives” or ESTJs, the “guardians.”


Since INTPs are also referred to as The “Engineer,” they are highly respected for their logic, inquisitiveness to learn about new topics, and explore how things work with one another. They perform exceptionally well in careers where they can bring their own innovative ideas forward to their co-workers. Most INTPs think in an abstract manner and have the ability to create complex ideas effortlessly. They are known for their hard work ethic and place high standards upon themselves as well as their colleagues. INTP personality types thrive in science related fields such as biology, chemistry, and physics. These analytical minds would also enjoy pursuing careers in:

  • Architect
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Investigator
  • Marketer
  • Strategic Planner


Famous INTPs

  • Carl Jung
  • Mary-Kate Olsen
  • Albert Einstein
  • Tina Fey
  • Ben Stein

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