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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment is one of the most recognized and commonly used personality assessment tools available. Taking the MBTI® assessment is a great way to gain insight to your personal preferences and unique character traits. There are a total of sixteen temperament type categories given, based on how you answer the questions about your tended toward partialities. Your personality type will form a four letter code that will classify your personality, such as: ISTJ, ENFP, or ESTJ. Being aware of the way you see the world, the way you take in information, and the way you value things can be helpful in many ways.  Such as, when making important decisions, job hunting, or figuring out if your friends or significant other are healthy matches for you. Having a stronger sense of self can streamline the process of your daily tasks, be utilized for personal growth, and can help you understand others a little more than before.


Personal Growth

Once you are aware of your personal preferences about how you go about making decisions is when you grow as an individual. Being proud of your identity is important as it is a significant step in gaining self-knowledge and the ability to differentiate yourself from others. By understanding that each person makes decisions and views things in different ways, encourages acceptance of dissimilar perspectives and openness.  The MBTI® assessment will you give you a deeper self understanding and allow you to better recognize why you choose certain decisions over others, and react to situations the way that you do. It will also help you recognize how others might view you. By having more information of your personality characteristics allows you to gain a clearer view and outlook of the world. It can also help in realizing strengths and areas for improvement.


The MBTI® assessment tool can also be used for guidance in your love life. Referencing the MBTI® can aid especially when there are disagreement discussions over specific personality traits. Each four letter MBTI® type is linked to ideal love matches for your type. For example, an ISFJ the “nurturers” are thought to be most compatible with ESTPs the “doers” and ESFPs the “performers.” Not to say, that a person cannot be compatible with other personality types as well. It’s just that couples might need to work a little harder to be understanding of each other’s way in which they go about making decisions and perspective. The objective would be to come to appreciate each other for the qualities that make them special and go about finding a solution that works well for both individuals.


Professional Growth

The MBTI® assessment can be applied to your everyday work life by recognizing what tasks you perform with more ease than others. For example: INTPs also referred to as the “thinkers” pitch creative ideas to their team. By understanding your personal style, you can learn to best manage time, deal with stress, and go about problem solving. Maintaining a healthy balance between developing your career and enjoying yourself will be much easier when you can prioritize tasks in a more efficient manner to create a smoother workflow pattern. The MBTI® assessment tool has also been proven successful in improving professional relationships by knowing how to delegate tasks to particular colleagues, and recognizing their individual style of working. The MBTI® assessment can also be used to help determine career industries that you may find enjoyable.

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