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Get to know ESFJ - The "Caregivers"

ESFJ Characteristics

ESFJs are most often referred to as the ‘providers’ or ‘supporters.’ These nicknames relate closely to their most prominent personality traits. They are often the person who is first to help out a friend in need or offer helpful advice. Most ESFJ personality types are supportive towards the endeavors of others, and are known for their concern for their family and friends. They enjoy frequenting social gatherings and hosting parties when the opportunity arises. These generous individuals are made up of the following four personality preferences: Extraverted (E,) Sensing (S,) Feeling (F,) and Judging (J.) The Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator (MBTI®) assessment is a useful tool that can help assess your unique personality type. The MBTI® assessment tool can be used as a reference for personality types you are most compatible with, ideal career choices, and more! ESFJs contain several characteristics that set them apart from others.



These giving personality types place strong values on their relationships with family members, circle of friends, and professional relationships. ESFJs are traditional and follow rules that they were raised with by their parents. Their cooperative nature is often admired by those who have tendencies to be irresponsible at times. Supportive and insightful, ESFJs are great listeners; they pride themselves on being able to help others when attempting to make the right decision. They have the ability to think innovatively and present their ideas in an organized manner.


One main downfall of an ESFJ is their need for appreciation from others. Since ESFJs often place the needs of others above their own, they can feel discouraged to ask for advice when they need it. They tend to place high attention on what others think of them, which can be a distraction to handling their priorities. ESFJs dislike conflict; they take offense to certain remarks made by others, even when these opinions are justified.

ESFJ Love Matches


Romance is an extremely important factor within a ESFJs relationship. They treat them in a very serious manner, always doing the best to their ability to satisfy the needs of their partner. ESFJs are overly giving in their relationships, and often need to be reassured that their significant other appreciates their support. It is common that ESFJs are the more responsible individual within a relationship when it comes to handling finances, or planning events accordingly. These loyal lovers are most compatible with fellow ESFJs, the “caregivers,” as well as ISFPs, the “artists,” and INFPs, the “idealists.”


At the workplace, ESFJs are well organized, task oriented, and dependable. An ESFJ will thrive in job positions where they feel appreciated for creating a more structured work environment. Although these personality types are social, they prefer their workplace to be quiet. ESFJs would much rather follow a routine at work, rather than having their tasks change on a daily basis. Jobs that allow them to use their caring traits are enjoyable as well such as: an elementary school teacher, nurse, or counselor. Additional career paths for ESFJs include:

  • Office Managers
  • Bookkeeper
  • Home Economics
  • Administrative Assistant

Larry King (TV Personality)Mariah Carey (Singer, songwriter)

Famous ESFJs

  • Sarah Palin (U.S. Governor, Vice Presidential candidate)
  • Larry King (TV Personality)
  • Barbara Walters (Talk show host, Author)
  • Vin Diesel (Actor)
  • Mariah Carey (Singer, songwriter)
  • Sam Walton
  • Mary Tyler Moore
  • Andrew Carnegie
  • Nancy Kerrigan




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