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The Body, Mind and Soul ConnectionAs thinking beings, we like to divide things up and analyse the ‘nuts and bolts’ of a system. It is just how our thought process is wired.

But there are holistic systems which do not conform to analysis. For example, can one analyze the individual tides in an ocean? Or is it possible to break-up the components of a hurricane on rampage? Or even explain how you ‘feel’ when someone is looking at you. I guess not!

These are concepts which need to be looked at in their entirety to make any sense of them. There is a composite ‘flow’ to them.

The same is the case with the functioning of a human being. ‘The Body’, ‘The Mind’ and ‘The Soul’ are human demarcations used to understand what makes us tick. But in essence, they are connected through the energy flow in our systems. The state of being or what we call ‘moods’ is largely depended on the amount and type of energy flowing through us.

All of the three play a big role in how we gather energy from the environment and the people around us. And more importantly, what kind of energy, positive or negative, is picked up. Health and wellness are directly linked to our emotions, thoughts and actions.

The soul or "Praan"

The Soul is the ‘Praan’ or the life-force behind every activity. Everyone has experienced the feeling of performing an action and actually being unaware of the logical reason behind that action. At these times, it is the soul taking over the body through intuition. The spirit looks out for us. It guides behaviour which results in our feelings of being ‘happy’ or being ‘sad’. Next time you are a little gloomy, try this. Perform a selfless act which benefits someone else. You do not have to go out of your way. The simple act of giving a lift to someone, volunteering, or giving a pleasant surprise to your loved one or tipping extra at your favourite joint will make you feel better and lift the gloom around your soul. The idea is that all living beings are connected and doing good gives rise to positivity.

The mind: middle layer

The Mind is a kind of a middle layer between the Soul and the Body. It is the ‘translator’ between the body and the soul as it communicates what your inner self feels to the body and the bodily nerve impulses to the soul. How effectively thoughts are put into action depends upon the control one has on the mind. Breathing serves to enhance this control. With deep breathing, we take in more of the ‘current’ energy and hence stay in the present. This energy renewal helps in making better decisions. Also when going through a thought overburn, it is a good idea to take a moment and ‘blank’ the mind by meditation for example. It has a cleansing effect which reduces excitability. At its best, the mind is conscious, focused and at peace.

The body: outer layer

The Body is the outer layer of the system. The soul’s feelings and the mind’s thoughts are both reflected in the health of the body. If you are not in your groove or rhythm, the body would tell you through unease, suffocation, pain or heaviness. Medical systems worldwide are determining that many of the diseases have their origins in the workings of the mind and the soul, while the body displays the symptoms. But it is relatively easier to look after the body through a proper combination of sleep, food, exercise, work and relaxation balance.

The optimum strategy to maintain health and wellness is to look at all three aspects as one and focussing on positive energy flows. So, do something good for yourself today, there is no more important person in your life!

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