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Anyone who is a parent knows the joy and strain this responsibility can be. A parent is an all-rounder at all times! From medical check-ups to packing lunch; from taking children to games to paying for their education; it is a ‘labor of love’ which involves lots of time, effort and resources.

Parent Days – both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day- provide the perfect opportunity to appreciate their efforts and showcase how much you care for & respect them.

A nice gift does just that as it reflects the thought put behind it. Here are some ideas that go above and beyond the ‘flowers & card’ routine…

Father's Day Gift Ideas

For your dad, if he is the ‘outdoorsy type’ and likes to cook then he would surely be into barbeque and grilling. Why not gift him a grill this summer? There is a whole range of them, right from the beginner level to pro. You can combine it with some recipe books depending upon his taste. If he would like to grill his own ingredients you may even gift him a Culinary Herb Garden Growing kit alongwith the grill. Then make sure you attend his barbeques!

If you are looking for a gift that would keep him in shape then a pedometer or the ‘stepper’ is a thoughtful idea. You can even give him a target of 10,000 steps a day to stay fit.  Also there are clubs which send home deliveries of fresh fruit every month. You can add such a membership package to your gift and you would know he is eating right too!

For tech-loving parents, GPS enabled gadgets, which monitor data like calories, distance and the pulse rate, are worth spending on. These devices can also store and transfer the data to computers, helping to keep a record. To make a complete package, you can also include lightweight jogging shoes and a sunscreen lotion.

Cant make up your mind? Take a look at the list for 100 trending Fathers Day gifts here.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

If your mom loves her coffee then she would sure prefer to brew her own. Coffee makers have come a long way and now are a ‘must-have’ for most coffee lovers. What is more, they are easy to use, come with cups of various sizes and have temperature controls to brew the perfect cup. It would also let her know how well you know her!

There are also many who like to spend their free time reading. And with the coming of tablets, reading has been redefined. Gifting an e-book tablet with their favorite titles pre-loaded would be a thoughtful idea. And playing video games on the tablet is likely to bring the child out in your parents too!

If you want to be super unique and personal, get an gift membership and let them explore themselves on three different levels, the Chinese Zodiac, Myers Briggs Personality Tool, and Western Astrology.  Then, they can meet others that are looking for fundamental relationships as well.  This is ideal if Mom / Dad have just moved and looking to meet new friends in the area to enjoy hobbies together. Research suggests that happy couples that are around other happy couples increase their long term success rate. And of course, those looking for love have a higher chance of meeting that special someone by not only sharing common interests, but also similar outlooks and have compatible personality types.

Beyonce and Blue Ivy CarterIs she a mom to be like Kate Middleton, a hostess mom like Giada De Laurentiis, a classic mom like Reese Witherspoon, an achiever mom like Beyonce, a glam mom like Sofia Vergara, or an eco mom like Natalie Portman? Select her type and find more ideas here.

In the end, you can never do too much for your folks. Even though a simple “I love you” will likely do to bring a smile, make this year one that will create lasting memories. Be sentimental and spontaneous, thoughtful and creative and let them know how much you care.

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