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Happy Valentine's Day!!

Valentine’s Day is upon us and it is time to devote attention to our sweethearts. For couples, it is time to make the ‘significant other’ special. For ‘recent’ singles, it might mean nostalgic remembrances of past flames! Love is in the air and has been from times immemorial, even before the legend of St. Valentine.

Devote your attention to your sweetheart todayCupid has been associated with love since ages. In Roman, it means desire. We are familiar with the image of the carefree child carrying a bow and lots of arrows. According to Roman mythology, Cupid strikes heart with arrows and fills them with love. And we have been affected with the excitement and even anguish that those arrows inflict!

The day is a celebration of the sacrifice of St. Valentine. In the years gone by, soldiers were forbidden to marry in the Roman Empire, but the courageous saint performed quite a few wedding ceremonies for them. The State persecution was swift and hard. St. Valentine was incarcerated and tortured. He continued to work for love even from prison. The daughter of his jailer became his object of affection and he wrote her a letter of love just before his execution, signing off with ‘from your valentine’.

Thus St. Valentine lends his name to the day of love, which is in fact, the most celebrated day after the New Year’s, all over the world. The popularity is understandable as it gives reason for expression of love.

So how are you making your Valentine’s Day special?

This Valentine’s try and make an extra effort for your partner. Move away from the mundane ‘Movie and Dinner’ routine.

If you are the ‘overworked’ types, take time off and spend a day with each other at the spa.

Unwind with a couples massage!

Few hours of massages, treatments and sweet smelling ointments would de-stress both of you. What’s more, it might just light the fire for a night of passion! It is an investment which cannot go wrong!

If you are on a budget and recovering from the holiday spending binge, there is a lot you can do at home as well. To begin, cook your partner a special meal. Start with steamed vegetables. There is nothing healthier. Don’t forget to throw in some snow peas. Snow peas have long been associated with love and romance, and well, they are delicious! For main course, something easy, like fish and shrimp. Combine it with spaghetti pasta & pesto and you have winner on your hands without burning a hole in your wallet.  Fruits can make for great dessert if combined with chocolate or cream.

After dinner, you can recreate the spa at your home. Light candles and treat each other to sensual massages. Even better, take a shower together and use exotic fragrances like sandalwood, jasmine or musk.

An interesting idea could be trying to learn something together. Take lessons in rock-climbing or salsa or ball-room dancing or even cooking. Activities that require teamwork and bring you close while you are at it. It might just become your ‘couple thing’ and make your bond stronger.

Surprise your lover with red roses on Valentine's Day!

If you love driving, take your car and drive out of the city without a destination in mind. Spend a day away from the madness where you have just each other for the company. You may even rent a cabin somewhere ‘out there’. Take a walk or bike around nature trails. You are sure to come back refreshed and more ‘in love’ than ever!

This Valentine’s Day reaffirm your love for your partner. Show them you care. Not just for that day but for every day of the year. So make sure you come with a great idea for the ‘day of love’ and create a special moment this time which lasts a whole year!

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