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{#/wp-content/uploads/images/Couple81.jpg}When people ask, “What sign are you?”  they are referring to your sun sign. The sun sign in astrology is significant to how you express yourself. While novice astrologers might confuse expression with personality (though it is true that expression has some play in personality), the sun sign expression defines how a person interacts with the world. In what realm do they excel, learn and grow? If you are a Libra, you thrive in relationships of all kinds. Libras are among the most social signs of the Zodiac, helping them to easily establish and flourish in relationships. However, in love relationships, Libras must be wary because their friendly nature can sometimes appear flirtatious to a significant other.

When it comes to compatibility, you must take into account both persons’ expressions and see how they blend together. A key factor in understanding Zodiac is acknowledging the fact that combining two “incompatible” signs doesn’t necessarily indicate different values or viewpoints, but instead different ways of expressing them. At the end of the day, any combination of signs can work well together, but an understanding of personal expression must be established first.


Earth signs:
When a person’s sun sign element is earth, they prefer physical and sensory experiences; they are very hands-on people. For this reason, well developed earth-sign people seem connected with nature in ways that non-earth signs don’t understand. This is not to say that other elements cannot appreciate or connect with the beauty of nature, but Earth signs feel the most connected to nature using all five senses, making life’s abstractions tangible.  This is because through the physical world, the earth sign person finds his life’s greater purpose and often helps visionary dreamers turn ideas into reality. On the other hand, an underdeveloped Earth sign might focus so much on reality that they forget to dream.
The earth signs are:

• Taurus
• Virgo
• Capricorn
Air signs:
When a person’s sun sign element is air, they grow through theory and communication. Well-developed air sign natures tend to be strong communicators, artistic and philosophical. This is due to the growth potential for air signs in the mind. In order to become most developed, air signs must work on their ability to focus their thinking. Although Air signs can be the most amazing inventors and innovators, but they must be sure not to get lost in all of their wonderful ideas. Masters of communication and the mind, Air signs have no problem expressing their creativity.
The air signs are:

• Gemini
• Libra

Water Signs:
When a person’s sun sign element is water, they shine through reflection and emotional expression. The well-developed water sign tends to be very sympathetic and healing (the natural heights of reflection and emotion). On the flip side, the underdeveloped water sign can lose himself in an emotional rancor, or avoid other people’s emotions in order to avoid their own (creating an icy personality—frozen water).
The water signs are:

• Cancer
• Pisces

Fire Signs:
When a person’s sun sign element is fire, they grow through action. The well-developed fire sign tends to be active and creative. Think about fire as a pure element: bright, beautiful and powerful. When a Fire sign enters the room, you’ll usually know due to their energetic spirit and charisma. But as beautiful and bright as Fire is, it also has the power to destruct.  The underdeveloped fire sign tends to be impulsive, many times acting before they speak.
The fire signs are:

• Aries
• Leo
• Sagittarius


In any same-sign compatibility, such as earth-earth or air-air, the two strengthen each other’s strengths, and weaken each other’s weaknesses.

Earth with Air: At its best, the air sign takes a great deal of philosophical inspiration from the seemingly hedonistic earth sign, which educates the air sign on the relationship between thought and reality. The earth sign receives lessons on creativity—how to use thought to influence reality. At its worst, these two’s inability to understand each other creates dramatic fights, with the air sign using words like “freedom” and “dumb,” and the earth sign commenting on the air sign’s “childlike worthlessness.”

Earth with Water: Exalted, these two are akin to a waterfall on a mountain—the earth sign gains invigoration and life from the water sign’s emotional depth; the water sign is nourished and finds expression in the earth sign’s nature. Poorly combined, this combination is akin to mud—the hedonism of the earth sign feeds the intensity of water, and the emotionality of water makes the earth sign depressed.

Earth with Fire: At its best, the solar energy of the fire sign brings the earth sign to life, giving the earth sign new experiences and the fire sign a healthy self-image. At its worst, these two are volcanic, with the earth sign’s static nature pressuring the fire sign until, eventually, the fire sign explodes.

Air with Water: When things are good in this combination, they act as a cool mist in summer. The air sign is refreshed by the water sign’s slow movement, while the water sign is given intellectual flight to its emotions by the air sign. When the combination is bad, they are like a grassy marshland—the water sign puts dangerous thoughts into the air sign’s fragile psyche, while the air’s light-hearted nature can’t penetrate the water sign’s emotional stagnation.

Air with Fire: On a good day, the fire sign adds strength and creativity to the air sign, while the air sign feeds the fire sign’s energy. On a bad day, these two have a tendency to tire each other.

Water with Fire:
In the water-fire combination, good compatibility is much like a hot spring—it nourishes the people in and around this combination. In a bad compatibility, these two have the opposite effect—they burn and hurt the people around them.


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