About Virgo

Virgo is the sixth astrological sign in the Western Zodiac and represents Virgo Astraea, the only female zodiac sign. According to ancient Greek mythology, Virgo was the goddess of justice. Although she once lived on earth, she found the wicked people of the Bronze Age intolerable. Consequently, Zeus, king of the Gods, placed her among the stars.

Those born under the constellation of Virgo between August 24th and September 22nd are typically known for their introversion, which is not to be confused with shyness. Virgos typically prefer intimate conversations to big parties. Although others can sometimes find Virgos stubborn and critical, they are very loyal friends and do no judge or discriminate due to conflicting values or beliefs.

Virgo Characteristics

In relationships, these individuals are remarkably faithful, strong, and steadfast. They can be trusted with confidence and will never avoid a situation just because things go awry. They take comfort in stability and will do everything in their power to maintain it.

A Virgo is observant, judicious, patient, practical, kind, methodical, honest, reliable, precise and very intelligent. People describe them as sophisticated, blunt, witty, and impeccably organized.

However, like any other sign, Virgos also have their less-than-perfect moments. Due to their perfectionist nature, they tend to be skeptical, critical and fastidious. When they have a lover’s quarrel, they are sometimes reprimanded for their “narrow outlook.” In other words, Virgos hate to be wrong.

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Compatibility with Other Signs

Compatibility is one of the most subjective topics, mainly because no one can define or determine chemistry except for those in the middle of it. However, there are definite sign combinations that increase the likelihood of finding a match. If you find that you’re dating someone with a sign that doesn’t necessarily get along with yours, don’t panic! There are so many astrological components that come into play, such as your moon sign and rising sign. Keep an open mind because love  isn’t the same as a math equation; nobody can determine what it means except for you.

In relationship with Aries, a Virgo will enjoy the level of passion and honesty , but the longevity of the relationship will remain uncertain because Aries also tend to be very impulsive.

In relationship with a Taurus, a Virgo will find a high level of compatibility because both are earth signs. They pride themselves on living realistically and avoiding unnecessary risks, making this a strong match.

In relationship with a Libra, a Virgo will have a difficult time because of a huge temperamental difference. Libras are known for their flirtatious nature, which can interfere with the stability Virgo craves.

In relationship with a Gemini, a Virgo will enjoy intellectual discussions and be able to achieve practical goals. On the other hand, Virgo finds the many faces if Gemini deceptive, making it hard to maintain a solid connection.

In relationship with a Leo, a Virgo will be attracted by Leo’s bold self-confidence, but will sometimes feel overwhelmed by their outwardly larger than life personality.

In relationship with a Cancer, a Virgo will be tolerant and patient with Cancers extreme sensitivity and sometimes sluggish predisposition. But at the same time, Virgo will love the warmth and loyalty a Cancer provides. This match has great potential.

In relationship with another Virgo, a Virgo will be in conflict, admiring the positive traits but feeling very vulnerable because of the similarity in negative traits. As with most same-sign relationships, the strengths can be strengthened while the weaknesses can be weakened.

In relationship with a Scorpio, a Virgo will appreciate the methodical, intelligent nature of the sign. However, a Virgo may start to feel smothered by Scorpio’s intense emotions. As long as they can create a balance, this combination could work well.

In relationship with a Sagittarius, a Virgo will often be attracted to their philosophical nature. But due to Sagittarius’s impulsivity, Virgo might shy away when they sense the inconsistent nature of the Sag.

In relationship with a Capricorn, a Virgo will feel a strong kinship with the grounded and mature outlook of a Capricorn, and will especially admire the ability to plan ahead and meet goals. They are a great match for each other.

In relationship with Aquarius, a Virgo will quickly form an emotional bond because they will perceive Aquarius as highly intelligent and mentally stimulating. Virgos like consistency and Aquarians tend to be a bit unpredictable. This combination may be best off as friends.

In relationship with a Pisces, a Virgo will be pushed to their limits of tolerance by the dreamy, emotional ways of Pisces. But if both signs can learn to accept their differences, this can be a great match.


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