Western Astrology consists of twelve signs. Taurus is the second among them. People born between April 20 and May 20, in any year, are considered to be Taurians. This sign is represented by the Bull hence Taurians have an inclination towards power and strong physicality. Just like the bull, people born under this sign are quite easy-going unless provoked.

Taurians are dedicated, powerful and loyal


When describing the strengths of a Taurian, the first words that come to mind are dedication, will-power and loyalty. A Taurian simply does not give up. Not on his goals, not on his views, not on his relationships.

In appearance, they are cool, calm and collected. But when challenged, they are capable of unimaginable rampage.

Practicality excites them. They are very rooted and earthy. They like to visualize great things and then build the immense dream into fruition. And generally they are successful as they can both plan and execute in great detail. This is a very unique asset.

Almost always they are rigid about their principles. They do not take short-cuts in the name of ‘smart work’ but would rather achieve their goals through honesty and persistence.

Mentally and emotionally, they are solid from within. Patience is another virtue. They love trying new things and generally have interests in music, arts and literature. Also they take their interests very seriously and are generally good in whatever they take up due to their dedication.


At times they take persistence too far and come across to others as being a bit stubborn and inflexible. They can be materialistic and can get very attached to their possessions. They might even have a tendency of attaching a practical ‘price’ to emotional circumstances. Viewing things from this perspective, they might take decisions which end up jeopardizing their affairs.

Poverty and deprivation is an inherent fear in Taurus nature which may at times drive their thought process perhaps even in unjustified circumstances.

They are not averse to making tough decisions. While this may be a virtue as far as their circumstances are concerned, the repercussions may impact others’ lives as well. A Taurian, in a cornered situation, may not give too much thought to this aspect.


Taurus in loveTaurians believe in building rock-solid foundations. They might have only a few close friends but then those friends are for life. They involve these relationships in every aspect of their life. They are very dependable and frequently act as mentor and confidantes.

Taurians, both males and females, have an earthy charm about them. They are extremely physical and love to ravish their partners.

They have an aura of stability around them which is very comforting for their companions. Loyalty is ingrained; hence they are quite single-minded and devoted, expecting nothing less in return. They can get jealous and possessive quickly if they feel they are not receiving sufficient attention from the object of their affection.

Taurians prominently match well with the other earth signs, Capricorn and Virgo. They also are keen to connecting with Cancer and Pisces.


A Taurian with this principles, perseverance, loyalty and honesty is a dream employee as long as his personal interests match his work profile. Their ethics are way above-board and generally do not switch jobs often.

Since they enjoy being involved with the earth, careers in real estate as builders, contractors, architects etc are highly recommended because it fulfills their innate need for dealing with structure and method. This, combined with their designing capabilities, planning and project management skills make them ideal candidates for such careers.

Pursuits such as organic gardening, music or even cooking will be rewarding for the Taurian. They have the finesse and patience required to do well in these fields.


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