It’s a new year full of opportunity and wonder with a great deal of delicious mystery about what lies around the corner. Here’s your personalized guide to what 2017 holds in store for you.




Study, travel and new adventure appear fortuitous for you under Saturn and Uranus this year. Look for a supportive partnership in business which will reveal itself to you as you place yourself in the right place at the right time. Jupiter says you may be lucky in love as well.



2017 will be a good time to attend to friendships. Pay special attention to your finances as certain temptations will impress themselves on you at a particularly inopportune point. Look for the possibility of meeting a new and exciting romantic partner as Jupiter in Scorpio smiles on you.



You can expect to stand out in your profession this year as long as you’re keeping up your end of things. Take charge on financial issues to capitalize the collaboration of the Sun and Pluto early this year. Jump at an opportunity to travel, as romance possibly looms on the horizon when you step outside of your home turf.



It’s time to sort out your health and fitness routines. Put your mind toward getting organized. You may be looking forward to gainful enterprises online- which will require more from your organizational skills. Improvements in your living situation will give a welcome boost to your love life.



This is your year, Leo. Time to let go of things that you have outgrown to make room for new and exciting things coming your way. If you’re in a long-term relationship, children may be in your near future, and you can expect your home life to improve when you take on a large project.



As Jupiter shines in Libra, you may have a chance to boost your earning potential. This might be a good time to talk with your employer about a raise. Expect to stay busy and meet big deadlines. Doing so will place you in an optimal position.



You may find things you touch turning to gold up until October, so take advantage of your good fortune while it lasts- and hedge your bets as the sun of fortune sets in the Fall. You may have disagreements with family, but this is not the time to push others to see things your way.



The time to sit down and write a budget for yourself is now. Failure to plan will come back and bite you as your head will not be in it’s best space for things of a financial nature. Look for a new romantic adventure to set your head spinning.



Luck is with you in areas that are normally outside of your purview. Take this opportunity to expand your skills in order to leverage this. Expect confusion in love, and do not let yourself be driven to extremes.



You can expect great growth in your career. Now is the time to test your ambition. Consider study, and travel- should an opportunity arise. You may find a new living situation and look for the chance to win extra freedom for yourself and those close to you.



This will be a good year to look into travel and study with Jupiter and Libra watching over you. Boosting your qualifications and keeping an eye out for new opportunity will optimize your chances of advancement. Look for love to come from unexpected vectors.



A bold career move will become viable strategy for you this year. It’s time to drop unneeded baggage and focus on what serves you. This would be a good year to pay down debts. Keep in mind that profits will come easier in partnerships than going it alone.


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