2017: The Chinese Fire Rooster Year

For anyone who has been introduced to the Chinese zodiac calendar, they know that each year is represented by a given animal. With 12 animals in the zodiac set, one comes up each year. Accordingly, 2017 is represented as the Year of the Rooster, starting with the Chinese New Year. Snuggled between the Monkey year before and the Dog year after it, the Year of the Rooster has been realized since 1933 every 12 years until now with the next one in 2017.



Additionally, the Rooster year fits one of the five natural elements, specifically fire. Interestingly, this particularly combination is far rarer, only occurring every 60 years. For the purposes of one’s outlook and future possibilities, the combination of a Rooster and Fire has a number of implications. First off, a Fire Rooster birth is expected to produce a personality that is specifically known for being trustworthy as well as extremely organized and disciplined when it comes to responsibility and timekeeping.

However, socially, Roosters may find that they need to put down real commitment in relationships in 2017. To maintain and move forward with a bond, a serious commitment like marriage may need to be decided on, or lose the relationship entirely. In this respect a Rooster year is often seen as the culmination event for major life changes in terms of people’s connections to each other.

The hard-working, responsible perspective of the Rooster will see a reward too. After all the effort and time put in, Roosters are likely to see good time for enjoyment, maybe a vacation, and rewards in return for all their effort in the earlier part of the year. Of course, it’s natural to brag about accomplishments, but Roosters needs to be careful not to go too far with self-congratulations in 2017. Being the same year one was born in among the 12 animal years, Roosters can potentially find themselves saying more than they should. So a bit of conscious self-restraint may be a good thing when accomplishments occur in 2017.

When it comes to the other animals, 2017 has pros and cons. For example:

  • For the Rat, 2017 is a year for chasing after big accomplishments but it will likely require extra effort than normal in the year to reach that goal.
  • With the Ox, the year is one of maintenance, keeping a lid on things accomplished so far.
  • The Tiger should use the new year as an opportunity to be charitable with success achieved to date.
  • The Rabbit sees 2017 as a year of goal accomplishment.
  • 2017 is a crazy year for the Dragon and a time of holding on for whatever comes next.
  • For the Snake the new year is a time to take care of financial obligations and watch out for emotions.
  • Life pretty much seems like a mundane, normal year for the Horse.
  • The 2017 Sheep will see an extremely busy year. Trying to find time for everything will be key.
  • The Monkey will need to be flexible in 2017 and roll with the punches and lots of changing demands.
  • 2017 is all about energy for the Dog, getting more done in less time than every before.
  • The Pig in 2017 will be seeking balance and equilibrium, restoring predictability and peace.


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