Focus your skills on where they are best served within your company and your team will follow suit.

Question: What is one simple best practice I can adopt to become a better leader this year?

Stop Setting SMART Goals

“SMART goal criteria are widely accepted as a goal setting best-practice and I’m not sure why. As a leader, setting Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic and Timely goals encourages you to think only about what you know you can achieve, not what you can learn or how you can get outside your comfort zone. Setting big goals, rather than SMART ones, can help you become a better leader.”

Listen More

“People often think leaders are dictators or delegators. Effective leading is indeed about action, but it requires an accurate understanding of your team. The best way to learn about your team is to listen more. Listen to their ideas and grievances, learn their strengths and weaknesses, and you will be better equipped to make leadership decisions that your team can effectively execute.”

Inspire a Vision

“At a we want everyone to feel personally invested in the growth of the company. We all can succeed working together towards a common goal. So, with task delegation, employees have the confidence to express themselves to suggest better ways of doing things. This is just as important as actually accomplishing the task.”

Enable Your Employees

“Employees are not machines. They have desires and goals just like you do. Ask your employees what their goals are and find a way to get them closer to these goals over time. This will inspire them and create an unparalleled loyalty towards you and your business as your goals will be aligned.”

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