Thinking positive requires constant work. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to continuously remind yourself about positive thinking. Apps can sometimes bridge the gaps we have in our mindfulness, provoking us to think about our current feelings. Here are a few popular apps that can help with positive thinking and stress management.


1. Happify

This is one of the most popular positive thinking apps on the market, with a diverse set of features and a number of useful positive thinking tools. Happify provides a selection of engaging activities and games to help you get into the pattern of positive thinking.

Further, it uses metrics and tracking to determine whether your mood is going up or down. Many users find themselves improving their mood dramatically within a few weeks of using Happify, as they are able to identify and defeat their own patterns of negative thinking.

2. Positive Thinking

This lifestyle app will give you positive, meaningful thoughts every day to think about and reflect on. There are also features such as weekly planning, background music, and alerts. You can use the Positive Thinking app as a boost of motivaiton and inspiration in the morning, set a number of positive thinking goals for yourself, or just use it for music as you meditate or exercise.

3. Grateful Gratitude Journal

Focus on the good with this app, which encourages you to think about the things in your life that you’re most positive about. An online Gratitude Journal can be synced through multiple devices and used to remind yourself about the things that make you happy. Take some time out of your day to remember the things that you’re grateful for.

4. Pozify

“Join the movement” with Pozify, a social networking platform that focuses on stress management and becoming a positive influence. Pozify rewards you for reaching out to others, remaining positive, and sharing positive news. On Pozify, you’ll only share positive, inspirational news and articles, interacting with them with comments and connecting to like-minded individuals. Games and activities round out the platform, giving you something to concentrate on if you feel that your mood is taking a turn for the worst. 

5. ThinkUp

Introduce some positive affirmations into your life with ThinkUp, a daily motivation and self-help app. ThinkUp requires just a minute of your time each day, letting you manage and create positive affirmations. If you’re a goal-oriented person who wants to practice mindfulness regarding their mood and motivations, ThinkUp is a solid all-around utility.

6. Super Better

Build your mental strength with Super Better, the app about optimism and positive thinking. Super Better is a complete positive thinking program that you take step-by-step, learning mindfulness and management techniques. In Super Better, you’ll practice the management of difficult situations, learn coping skills, and reduce your stress.

These are just a few of the positive thinking apps available. There are also apps you could download that are within your own interests—if, for instance, you find music to be uplifting, you might want to concentrate on music apps. Regardless, apps can help you stay on target, and identify potentially bad days.