Only 23% of Americans are getting enough exercise, the Center for Disease Control tells us. We all want to look better for ourselves and our prospective partners, and while hitting the gym can seem tedious at times there are some parts of our body that are important to keep moving around and the core is one of them. Your core is the center of your body and those abs do much more than just make you look good in that swimsuit. If you can’t bring yourself to join a gym, here are four reasons to add a few daily crunches into your routine.

Injury Prevention

Behind your abs are your vital organs, your central nervous system, and your spine. So many of your body’s processes happen behind that wall (or puddle) of muscle so it’s important to keep that area supported and protected as you move around. Not only does a strong middle support your body’s systems, it also supports your other muscles too. How many times have we heard trainers say, “engage your core”, well that’s because when we do our other muscles automatically become engaged as well. Engaging your core not only engages other muscles but helps you to work longer, harder, and safer. In the long run you will suffer less fatigue and you fill find that your technique improves rapidly.


Grace and Gusto

Did your parents, or teacher, ever tell you to sit up straight? Well it’s not because they wanted to be annoying, it’s important to sit well. A well worked core will promote good posture, and not just that, you will look more confident and when you do people will treat you like a confident person too. A Dutch behavioral scientist called Erik Peper found that when we sit upright we’re more likely to have positive thoughts and memories. A straight posture gives off a confident nature, it tells us, you are in control. And secretly, perhaps we’re not in control, but hopefully at least our abs are!


Fix Back Problems

The most common side effect of having a weak middle is a sore back, and this is because these back muscles are not supported. The American Chiropractic Association says that 80% of Americans will suffer from back issues at some time if their life, and you can greatly improve your back’s health by improving those abs. It’s like when you hang a picture using just the middle hook and when the walls begin to shift a little the picture inevitably tilts. If you work your front muscles they support your back muscles and bring balance back to your core, preventing those back muscles from pulling things out of whack.  Trying adding some twist exercises and postures into your ab routine and you will also help to realign that spine while balancing your core at the same time.


Discover A New You

Not only will those tight abs start turning heads at the pool but you’ll feel amazing, and not just because you are physically fitter, but because you are mentally fitter too. You will be physically stronger, more confident, and perhaps even a little healthier as creating a regular routine will help you all round as you become one of the 23% who exercise.


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