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In this day and age, lifestyle pressures, pollution and stress take a heavy toll on the body. The pace of routine urban life ensures that most of us miss out on a properly balanced diet. The conscious ones are always on the lookout for healthy additions to the diet. If you are one of them, then read on as we compile a list of must have food items for a healthier you! And what is more, all of these items are easily available at your neighborhood grocery store!

Tomatoes – Yes, the humble tomato acts as an effective sunscreen and protects the skin from sunburn. In a recent experiment, volunteers kept under UV light suffered 50% less pigmentation when on a regular diet of tomato juice or paste. Starting your diet with tomato soup is a good idea!

Watermelon is refreshing and healthy!

Watermelon – Having enough water in the body is essential for quick metabolism. Water regulates a lot of bodily functions and even has role to play in how you are feeling or how sharp your memory is! Watermelon gets its name because essentially more than 90% of it is water! So not only does it keep you cool, it also kills hunger pangs at much lower calories. You can surely have a bowl of this fruit in place of some greasy snack.

Corn – Spring is the time when harvest starts to blossom. And not much beats Fresh Sweet Corn in Spring! You ought to have more of it as it is rich in antioxidants. They play a key role in halting age-related degeneration of the skin.

Mushrooms – This tasty food is an effective substitute for beef as it can reduce nearly 500 calories at one time. For those looking to lose weight, mushrooms are a blessing. They are also quite effective in preventing breast cancer as they maintain estrogen levels in females. Mushrooms are part of some great recipes. You can have them sautéed with wine or as part of a grilled sandwich. They also go well with curries.

Raspberries – The juicy fruit has a lot of fiber. And fiber lowers cholesterol. Having foods with high fiber content actually is helpful in weight loss. Research shows that if you increase your fiber intake by close to 4 grams for every 500 calories, you are likely to lose approximately 5 pounds, gradually over a period of two years.

Barley – While on the subject of cholesterol and fiber, it is necessary to mention Barley. And if you are using the pearl variety, it cooks pretty quickly too. But if you can afford time then hulled barley is an excellent slow food.

The health benefits of blueberries!

Blueberries – Nothing beats a serving of farm fresh blueberries! Apart from the ‘yum’ factor, they are another source of anti-oxidants. The kind which lower fatigue and relax muscles by absorbing the free radicals generated during fitness workouts.

Walnuts – The brain shaped dry fruit is a store of omega-3 fatty acids. With it, walnuts fight the bad cholesterol and increase the amount of good cholesterol. So a walnut brownie for dessert is a win-win situation!

Lentils – We all know it is rich in protein. But less known is that it is also a source of folate, more commonly known as Vitamin B9. Folate is essential for growth and aids bone strength. The best way to have lentils is through Lentil Salad as they combine well with most veggies and olive oil or red wine.

Still hungry for more? Check out the reference sheet below for 50 of the best Healthy Foods in the World:


Almonds Apples Artichoke Hearts Avocado Beets Beans
Broccoli Brown Rice Brussels Sprouts Cherries Chia Seeds Coffee
Flax Seed Ginger Greek Yogurt Green Tea Kale Kefir
Pistachios Pomegranate Potatoes Quinoa Red Wine Salmon
Spinach Strawberries Sunflower Sprouts Sweet Potatoes Tomatoes Turmeric
Bell Peppers Blackberries And Raspberries Black Tea/ White Tea Blueberries Cranberries Dark Chocolate
Edamame  Eggs Lentils Oatmeal Olive Oil Walnuts
Sardines Seaweed Shiitake Mushrooms Skim Milk Oranges Tuna


If you have been looking to change your foods, there is no better time to start! Diet has an immediate impact on your well-being. Try some of foods listed here to stay energetic and healthy. The results would not disappoint you!

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