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Happy Easter from Aligned Signs!Easter and Romance? You don’t necessarily make that association, do you? But the real question is, WHY NOT? It is a holiday and when couples these days are so starved of ‘close’ time together, it is an opportunity to bring out your creative side and ‘show some love’. So, if you are sold on ‘resurrecting’ your romance this Easter, read on!

Living in a nice big house, why not have an ‘Easter hunt’ together? You can make the arrangements the night before, each of you making clues for the other to find sweet sayings/ love notes.  Or, if you are more of a planner, go all out and fill plastic eggs with chocolates, do a hand-written card, or even purchase little gifts to stash in small crooks. On Easter day, be nostalgic of your childhood and go around the house and hunt for those little tokens of affection. Don’t forget to write down where things are hidden, you don’t want to find melted candy in a corner somewhere a month later!

Prefer something simple but fun? Go grab some white eggs from your local market and get a white color pencil. Sit down and mark each other’s names or hidden messages in white on the eggs. Then, the morning of Easter, give them to your partner. S/he has to colour them or dip them in a dye to see your writings magically come out!

Go for a relaxing walk on the beach with your lover!

Mother Nature expected to show her sunny rays? Grab your sunglasses, some SPF, and go for an Easter outing . Fill a picnic basket with the goodies and make your way to the park. Stroll, get cosy and have a relaxing and romantic lunch just getting to know one another again.

Looking for something a little more hands on, then create some art together. You can snap pictures of each other on your Easter day together and frame it.  Or start sketching and painting pictures or learn to do origami with the theme of Easter in mind. Once you are done making stuff, you can gift each other what you created. These crafts hold more sentimental value than anything you might buy from the malls.

If you are planning to stay home and relax, indulge in some ‘two-somes’; like having your own service together or washing each other’s feet. Or you can order a flick and watch ‘The Passion of Christ’ in the night. If you are into old classics, ‘Ben Hur’ would be a great idea as well.

If you have to work all day or only have time to celebrate in the evening, add an ‘Easter’ touch to your love life by filling the bedroom with flowers.  Some prevalent ones include the White Lily, Daffodils, Tulips, and Narcissus. The white lily originates from Japan but Americans started harvesting it during World War II. The flower is thought to represent purity and renewal. Yellow daffodils are the preferred flower for Easter decor in England and denote friendship, rebirth and eternal life. Tulips signify the reawakening of spring and perfect love and are the third most popular spring flower worldwide. Narcissus was the first flower associated with Easter in parts of Europe and is the most popular flower in Germany. Pick one that has most significance for the two of you or all of them for a colourful display sure to dazzle.

Get festive this Easter: think pastel colors and flowers.

For those wishing just go to a nice restaurant and have a quiet dinner together, jazz it up just a little bit by gifting an Easter basket. And ofcourse your basket ought to have eggs filled with all kinds of stuff: your favourite goodies to share, coupons for future romantic distractions, etcetera!

The fact is, just getting the time to get close to your special one can make any activity special. If you are willing to put in the effort and thought, you are sure to have a great time with one another, meanwhile creating a special memory sure to last a long time.

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