Welcome To The Year of The Dragon

In 2012 the world joins in the celebration of the year of the Dragon. The Dragon is a mythological animal that occupies the fifth position in the Chinese Zodiac. One of the strongest of the zodiac signs, it commands a great deal of respect among Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese culture. Chinese emperors once referred to themselves as Dragons in an effort to partake of this power. They robed themselves accordingly and even had Dragon thrones made up! While everyone could display dragons, only the emperor and his family could exhibit dragons with five claws. In China, these were the Imperial Dragons.


Introducing The Dragon

The Dragon is a powerful creature. The Dragon is one of the 12 zodiac animals, though it is the only mythological one. The Dragon is also an elemental being. Although it is associated with various Chinese elements, particularly wood and earth, the year 2012 refers specifically to water. As a result, many refer to the year 2012 as a Water Dragon year.

The Dragon is also associated with various different colors, such as red or yellow. In 2012, according to the Stem-Branch system of the Chinese calendar, the color associated with the Dragon is black. The year 2012, therefore, can also be called a Black Dragon Year.  The same system also notes that this is a Male Water Dragon.

What Does The Year Of The Dragon Mean?

2012 is important to those who are born in the Year of the Water Dragon. It is a time to work on making progress towards the success that is indicated by your sign. It is a year in which you can and should shine; it is a time to move forward in your career and financial aspirations; it is a time to take care that you are controlling the Dragon and not letting its powerful and potentially destructive nature rule you.

Yet, while this year is particularly significant to those who are born as Dragons, it also influences all other signs in the Chinese Zodiac. This is based not only on the year in which you are born, but also the animal representing your month. You should also take into consideration the element and color that are represented by your signs. For instance, someone born in February 1952 could therefore be influenced by an Earth Rat as well as a Water Dragon.

In general, the Year of the Dragon is reported to be an auspicious year, since the dragon symbolizes strength, power and good luck. Traditionally any year associated with the dragon is regarded as prosperous. Many look upon the Year of the Dragon as indicating the arrival of happiness and success in a wide variety of undertakings. Good luck will befall all who turn their skills toward their career and economic undertakings.

Furthermore, this is the Year of the Water Dragon. Water is associated with growth and optimism. Yet, some indicate that the Year of the Dragon—because it combines Earth and Water—may result in disasters in politics, economics, and weather. Certain individuals forecast this year to be a difficult one – a time of violent change and upheaval. There are indications of earthquakes and the shifting of land masses.

The very powerful and energetic nature of the Dragon may result in reforms of both a political and social nature. It may also result in disasters. The Male Black Water Dragon is a powerful symbol that arrives only once every 60 years. As is the case with all symbols, it has both positive and negative aspects. You need to realize its total nature and work with it if you want to create a promising future and reach that prosperous goal.


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