The First Trine

The 12 signs of the Ming Shui (Circle of Animals) of the Chinese Zodiac are split into four groups of three animals each. These divisions are referred to as “trines.” Each trine contains animals that are not sequential in the Circle but are four years apart.

Purpose of Trines

The purpose of the trine is to help you understand what animals are compatible. The three animals selected are strongly co-related in terms of specific facets. As a result, you may easily compare and understand their compatibility in terms of such things as family matters, business associations, and personal relationships. The animals found in each Trine are perceived as being very alike in such aspects as personality, outlook, and mindset, to name a few.

Chinese Zodiac

Members of the First Trine

The animals included in the First Trine are:

  • Rat (Shu) – This animal  represents the north
  • Dragon (Lung) – This animal represents the east and southeast
  • Monkey (Hou) – This animal represents the west and southwest

Common Characteristics Of The First Trine Animals

There are several characteristics that bind these three animals together in the first trine. These animals are all dominant beings. In fact, they are the most powerful beings in the Ming Shui (Circle of Animals). Basic unifying characteristics meld them as a whole, capable of working and playing well together. In general, the first trine animals are:

  • Intense creatures – often passionate to an extreme
  • Powerful individuals
  • Capable of both good and evil
  • Impressive leaders
  • Highly intelligent
  • Generous
  • Charismatic
  • Charming
  • Authoritative
  • Confident
  • Eloquent
  • Artistic

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Moreover, these animals can also err on the negative side, often appearing to be:

  • Tyrannical
  • Unpredictable
  • Pretentious
  • Biased
  • Deceitful
  • High-handed
  • Coldblooded
  • Power hungry

However, overall, Rat, Dragon, and Monkey are exceedingly supportive of each other in most endeavors and understand each other quite thoroughly in terms of relationships, business ambitions and inner character.

General Differences of First Trine Animals

Each of these animals has a different approach to life, and in general, this will affect the nature of their various interactions and instruct how the combinations work. Rapacious Rats are somewhat secretive, curious, and charming. Dragons are highly intelligent with a blunt personality. Monkeys are resourceful, intelligent and

Chinese Zodiac 2

somewhat instable. While Rats and Dragons have a tendency to dictate what they want, the Monkey personality is more diplomatic.

How They Relate
Due to their similarities, in matters of the heart, Rats, Monkeys, and Dragons are ideal matches. They are also capable of establishing close friendships. This is particularly true for Monkeys and Rats. They also work very well together creating an excellent business partnership. In business matters, Monkeys are more than able to handle the vitality that drives a Dragon on towards success. In families, children of Dragons are better off if they are Rats and Monkeys.


The animals of the First Trine are often viewed as being overwhelming. This is why, when it comes to pairing, they often work so well together! In fact, the closeness of their nature often results in some of the most intense, yet satisfying relationships possible. The difficulty in dealing with such potent natures makes it both easy, yet challenging, for these like animals to live, work, and play with each other.

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