What Will The Year Of The Water Snake Mean For You?

The years of Snake are the sixth in a repeating pattern of twelve animal years which make up the Chinese Zodiac. Snakes years are preceded by the Dragon Years and followed by the Horse years. The Chinese New year does not fall on a specific date, so it is necessary to look up the calendar to find the specific date on which the year begins.

Years of Birth: 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025…

The snake is considered one of the most enigmatic animals. It is unusually intelligent as well. And it has its own secret ways to achieve its objectives. These characteristics are also reflected in the people in the year of the snake, according to ancient Chinese wisdom.


Snake people are highly gifted. They tend to be lithe, attractive and with winsome personalities. Wisdom is a quality commonly associated with them. Some of the highly regarded thinkers have been born in the years of the snake.

They are also well read, avid lovers of music and keen followers of art…and they really know how to make money! Generally they are surrounded with luxuries most people aspire for. If not, they possess the abilities and financial acumen to create the material comforts around them. They are highly intuitive and make courageous decisions based on their ‘feel’ of the situation.


Like the snake, people born in its year are extremely reticent. Their magnetism may win them friends but they never let the guard down around their privacy. Communication and networking may not be their biggest strengths. They give a lot of thought to their behavior in public and when giving a speech, choose their words with great care. Phases of dark moods are common and during these times they make extra efforts to stay away from other people. When confronted with a problem, they are more likely to brood on it alone rather than seek help from the support system. If threatened, they are likely to respond with cunning maneuvers.

Recommended Water Snake Careers


They are fiercely independent in their views and like to work on their own terms. But this does lead to them being easily stressed. In business, they act on well worked out plans and are known to achieve their objectives through good execution. They are also uncanny perceptive of changing trends and business environment. These qualities make them ideal candidates for entrepreneurial ventures.

In jobs, they are more likely to be motivated by challenges. In the absence of intellectually stimulating work, they frequently change jobs. They are good at analysis and problem solving and tend to do well as scientists, investigators and engineers. Some of them also turn out to be great artists on account of their aesthetic appreciation and natural gifts.

Water Snake's in Love


Though they don’t come across as emotional, they love intensely when in a relationship and may even become possessive about their partners. They like to be in control of their feelings always and generally play the dominant role in a relationship. The snake people respect their partners need for space since they relate with it. But they are not easily trusting and are given to suspicion, at times.

Their relationships are generally more compatible with people born in the years of ox and rooster. They do not do as well people born in the years of monkey, tiger or pig.

What works?

Numbers: 2, 8, and 9.

Colors: Red, Black

Flowers: Orchid, Cactus

Famous People

President Abraham Lincoln, Edgar Allen Poe, Oprah Winfrey, Condoleeza Rice, Charles Darwin, Martha Stewart,  Shakira, Ben Stiller, Bob Dylan, and Tim Allen are famous Snake people.

Famous Water Snakes

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