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ESTP's are extroverted free spirits!ESTP is an acronym which stands for Extroversion, Sensing, Thinking and Perception. It defines one of the sixteen categories under the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). The MBTI is one of the more reliable and scientific tools of personality analysis. It is a framework developed by renowned psychiatrist Carl Jung.

The MBTI is a psychometric tool which classifies people based on their outlook, perception and choices about the world through the questionnaire method.

The MBTI achieves the broad categorization through the following analysis:

  1. How does one get energy? – Through Extroversion
  2. How does one take in information? – Through Sensing
  3. How does one make decisions? – Through Thinking
  4. How does one view the world? – Through Perception

Personality Traits

ESTPs are people with lots of energy and life. They are the ‘actors’ of the society as they love action. High octane adventures and thrill drive them. They are very rooted in the present. Vague armchair debates about the possibilities of the future do not interest them. Living in and enjoying the moment is a key trait which drives their behavior.

When set an objective, a typical ESTP does not wait to develop a scheme. S/He would rather go out and get to work rather than brood about what might go wrong. Sure they are likely to make more mistakes with their action driven approach but they are not averse to taking stock again and cleaning up their errors. They make their plan as they go along with their keen thought process and execution speed.

Perception gives them an uncanny knack of reading people as they pick-up even minute changes in body-language, expressions and voice modulations. They depend a lot on this ability as it gives them key inputs while making decisions.


ESTPs can be quite blunt at times. Their arguments are based on logic and they do not hesitate in speaking their mind. This may lead to them hurting some other personality types who are more sensitive and emotional.

An ESTP loves the material world and all its trappings. Adventure sports, movies, theatre, big parties, concerts: these are the life-blood of this intensely social and action oriented personality type.

As all extroverts, they are good at making new connections which helps them both personally and professionally.


ESTP's are dynamic and rely on communication in love

ESTPs are very spontaneous when dating as they are constantly able to surprise their partners. Their idea of a good time is doing a lot of couple activities together. In general, their relationships are quite ‘happening’!

They dislike long conversations and sitting around for hours without doing much. So there can be times when their partners might not be able to keep up and ask them to slow down.

Sexually, they love to experiment. Infact, an interesting aspect is their ability to treat love and sex separately. Quite a few personality types might not agree with this rather unique approach so they need to be very clear in their communication with their partners on this topic.

ISTJs and ISFJs make good partners for ESTPs as they are able to absorb their enthusiasm. The stronger judgement of these two personality types also balances the ESTPs more impulsive urges.


They have many career choices due to their personality. They think and execute quickly. So they are ideal candidates for managing emergencies and disasters. The same ability helps them do well as Sales Managers.

They like to see the results of their work quickly. In absence of this, they tend to get restless. Secure desk jobs are not for them.

Typically, ESTPs have thrill seeking personalities. They are likely to chase risks which might not be healthy for them in their careers. With strong rationality, they can minimise these urges by finding safer sources of excitement.

The strong physicality and love for competition pulls them towards sports. Many of the better athletes are ESTPs.

Dynamism, ability to think clearly, networking etc are key skills that help an ESTP. They can be quite original too and many of them become successful entrepreneurs.

Famous People

Madonna | ESTPAngelina Jolie | ESTP

  • Winston Churchill
  • Franklin Roosevelt
  • Donald Trump
  • Ernest Hemmingway
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Madonna
  • John Grisham
  • David Cameron
  • Eddie Murphy
  • Novak Djokovic
  • Sebastian Vettel




Famous People MBTI Types complementary of Celebrity Types

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