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ISTJ Characteristics

The Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator (MBTI®) assessment is recognized as a tool that can allow you to discover personality preferences about yourself that you may have been unaware of prior to taking the assessment. There are 16 unique personality types total, with one of four temperaments which include Protectors (SJ,) Creators (SP,) Intellectuals (NT) and Visionaries (NF.) ISTJs fall under the Protector (SJ) temperament which means that they are highly motivated and seek to maintain stability and security within their lives. They prefer sticking to a set routine, and are known for their dependability as well as their willingness to help others. Those who are an ISTJ personality type are better known as “the examiner.”



ISTJs are known for their loyalty to others, generosity, and the importance that they place on tradition. Nicknamed “the examiner,” ISTJs have great instincts along with a great sense of what actions are right or wrong. They are recognized for their strong work ethic because of their punctuality and willingness to prove themselves at the workplace. Some may refer to an ISTJ as a good contribution to society, because they always look out for the greater good of others. ISTJs also have a quirky sense of humor that often comes as a surprise to many, since they are notorious for their diligence and responsibility.


ISTJs can allow their responsibility to get the best of them at times and leave them to take life too seriously. They do not treat themselves often, and believe that a vacation should only be taken when a large amount of work has been accomplished. ISTJs place their important duties before enjoying themselves. Their schedules could become too restricting at times, which may lead to them cramming in order to complete their work before a given deadline. ISTJs can be the root to their self-caused stress. Their seriousness can be looked down upon by someone who is outgoing and extroverted, leaving them wondering why they have difficulty having fun.


The loyalty traits of ISTJs usually carry over into their relationships as well. They make faithful lovers who would not think twice about betraying their partner. An ISTJ places high emphasis on keeping their partners happy, fulfilled, and protected at all times. They will always go out of their way to make efforts to show their partner that they care. Some ISTJs may find it difficult to display their emotions to their partners, but their protective instincts and constant effort is usually more than enough to keep their partners committed for life.



An ISTJ can excel in many different industries, because of their eagerness while working on a project or assignment. They are commended and recognized for their hard work by their supervisors on a regular basis. ISTJs enjoy creating their own schedule, acting as a mentor to their team, and work in a well-organized environment. Rules and regulations must be clearly established by the company that an ISTJ is employed by. A few careers choices that an ISTJ personality type may consider fulfilling are: auditor, computer programmer, detective, dentist, librarian, marketer, police, scientist, or a technical specialist.


Famous ISTJs

  • Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of England
  • Eeyore, Winnie the Pooh
  • Robert de Niro, Actor
  • Hillary Clinton, U.S. Secretary of State
  • Natalie Portman, Actress

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