Get to Know Pisces

Pisces is the last sign of the Western Zodiac, completing a rotational system of twelve signs which run across a calendar year. People born between February 19 and March 20 are considered to be Pisceans. ‘Pisces’ is the Latin word for ‘fish’ and the sign originates from the Piscean constellation. It is depicted in astrology by a symbol comprising of two fishes. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter; the Roman ruler of Gods; and Neptune; the ruler of seas. Appropriately, it is a water sign and people born under it are known to be gentle and malleable; traits associated with water.


It is very easy to get along with a Piscean. They are known to be extremely charming yet easy-going people. Light-hearted conversations are their forte and time spent with them leaves one refreshed. ‘The Fishes’ are also known to be more driven by feelings and emotions as compared to cold logic and rationale. While this makes them highly perceptive, they can also appear dreamy and whimsical at times. Affectionate and fun-loving, they like to be on the move and do not like to be shackled. A strong need for independence and self reliance is a natural corollary to this.

A typical Piscean is highly adaptive to this environment. Rather than breaking down barriers, they would work their way around it. Considered chameleons of the zodiac, they prefer to stay away from aggression and violence.

They are spiritual people and continuously strive to find the meaning of existence. Materialism is bewildering to them and to their quest of always doing the ‘right thing’.

Additional positive traits include:

  • Imaginative
  • Sensitive
  • Selfless
  • Compassionate


A Piscean’s quest for self-discovery may remain unfulfilled. The need to rationalize too many things at the same time leads to a confused thought process. At times, they can be vague about their motives. Strong challenges bring out their escapist tendencies as they may get easily discouraged. Introspective by nature, it is difficult to truly know a Piscean. Infact, a Piscean would not claim to know even himself very well.

They tend to listen to too many people and pull in different directions. A certain lack of resolve makes it easy to mislead a Piscean. They fear ridicule strongly and this guides many of their actions.

Additional negative traits might include:

  • Restless
  • Unrealistic
  • Outspoken


Like other water signs, Pisces are intensely romantic. But their romance is nurtured in their fantasies and their partners might find it difficult to match up to their expectations. Natural charm is their strength and this guarantees them attention.

They like their partner to drive the relationship though they do expect their emotional needs to be taken care of. They are great listeners and can provide comfort easily.

The Piscean vulnerability is legendary. It is like a magnet which irresistibly pulls the opposite sex to them. They take a long time to commit but once committed, they invest their body, heart and soul into the relationship. Though they may come off a bit demanding at times, it’s because their emotions are truly delicate.

They are aroused by all things loving, mystical or creative.

Cancer and Scorpio, being other Water signs, are natural companions to Pisces as water gels best with water. Among other signs, Pisceans do very well with Taurus and Capricorn partners as well.  Capricorn adds stability and rationale to everyday affairs.

Pisces are driven and great team players!


Pisceans are highly perceptive. They use their senses exceedingly well. They observe, listen and have a feel for the occasion. Hence they are fast learners and quickly acclimate to new atmospheres. Their strong sense of ingenuity and imagination leads them to successful careers in fine arts. They are natural poets, musicians and writers too.

They make for good team players and can hold a group together with their camaraderie, cheer and compassion. They do make for excellent social workers and many of them end up taking positions in the church as well.


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