Sun and Moon Signs‘What sign are you?’ This is a common question that most of us would have come across. And generally the answer that we provide reflects our ‘Sun’ sign.

A majority of the people are at least casual followers of Western Astrology. They identify the signs associated with them through the period in which they were born. Like a person born on 10th of August is a Leo. This is the Sun Sign, that is, the position of the Sun in the sky when the person was born.

The Sun sign defines your individuality. It guides your actions in skill development, professional career, competition and all forms of social interactions. Defining characteristics like ego, creativity and logic are associated with the Sun Sign. It is responsible for ‘uniqueness’ in an individual. It drives how we seek to define ourselves and develop an identity in this world. The Sun Sign represents the way you approach life and your overall nature.

Quite a few times, we read write-ups about traits associated with our Sun signs and come away thinking, ‘No, that is not quite true!’ The reason is there are two other equally important signs which help define a person’s individuality, personality and behavior. These are the Moon Sign and the Rising Sign.

If a ‘sign’ is a pointer to the possibilities defining an individual, the Moon Sign is probably the most important pointer. The position of the Moon in the sky at the time of birth is the Moon Sign. It is a little more difficult to find out since the Moon Sign depends on the time and place of birth. This Sign may nor may not be the same as the Sun Sign. In case it is same, it amplifies the traits associated with the Sun Sign. For example, if both your Sun and Moon Signs are Taurus, then you are a ‘double Taurus’ and the associated characteristics would be easily identifiable. But there are times when the Moon Sign is in conflict with the Sun Sign. Your Sun Sign may be Capricorn which would like you to be grounded and your Moon Sign may be Pisces which would want you to keep flowing.

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The Moon controls crucial organs like the heart, the brain, the liver etc. and even the flow of hormones in the body. This is the Sign which reveals the inner ‘you’, your fundamental emotions. It reflects the subconscious mind as well. An individual’s places of comfort, mental balance and influential memories are associated with the Moon Sign. It is associated with core vulnerabilities and hence people like to keep it ‘under wraps’. But when you relax after a tough day’s work and let go of all pretenses, that is when your Moon Sign shows itself. It guides your instinctive behavior. It is the part of you that only intimate people are aware of.

The Rising Sign

The Moon Sign defines your romantic behavior when in love. It may even decide who you feel drawn to. The intense Scorpio may be drawn to the ferocious Leo. The stable Taurus loves the mischief of the Piscean. Aries has ambition while the Sagittarian does not like boundaries.

For those who like to delve deeper, the third cog in the wheel is the Rising Sign. It represents how you are perceived by others. The initial impression that you make is also guided by this Sign. The Rising Sign is the sign of the Zodiac which is rising on the eastern horizon at the time of one’s birth. A thousand years back, this was the sign that was considered to be responsible for a person’s character traits.

The Rising Sign is your ‘exterior’. The part of you which interacts with new people. There are times when we are mystified by how acquaintances describe us. It is difficult to know our own outer self. This is because what you show may not be what who you are. Inside you might feel like a scaredy cat but outwardly you might seem courageous. This is the case when the Rising Sign is in conflict with the Moon Sign.

The Rising Sign influences how we look. So people with Scorpio as Rising Sign can be dark, slim and with intense eyes. The Taurian may have a large head and a quick walk. Virgo may have delicate limbs.

The Rising Sign also reflects the conditioning that has been received in childhood. This is when everyone begins to learn the ways of the world. If this learning is in contrast to your inner self, it becomes the ‘mask’ preventing the world from knowing you.

The three signs – Sun, Moon and Rising- and their mutual interactions define individuality and behavior. Understanding them takes effort and even professional guidance. But it does take you a long way in knowing yourself by reading the ‘signs’!

Calculate your moon sign to help you better understand your sun sign. The better you get to know yourself, the better you’ll be able to interact with someone else.

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