The Chinese Zodiac contains 12 animals which rotate on a yearly basis, along with five year element cycles. 2013 is the year of the Water Snake, because the current Chinese Zodiac element is water. Since many of our visitors were curious to find out more information about the personalities and characteristics of a water snake, we put together an infographic!

Below is a visual way to learn more details about Water Snakes, including: their most prominent characteristics, influences, fun facts and more! Those born in the Year of the Water Snake are mysterious, caring individuals that suavely captivate, mostly because of their broad spectrum of personality traits. See how the year of the Water Snake and its characteristics might subtly have an influence for you!

What Will The Year Of The Water Snake Mean For You? [INFOGRAPHIC]

What Will The Year Of The Water Snake Mean For You? infographic

 by AlignedSigns.
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