Your company size shouldn’t dictate how much business you do.

Question: Our company is very small and new, but we want to appear larger. What is one thing we can do to build credibility with customers?

Have Your Own Office

“One thing that doubled our business almost immediately was a new website built by branding professionals. The second thing was having a “real” office address. Clients seem to respond to us better when we had our own small office and they could see we were there for the long haul. All leads increased and bigger clients came knocking.”

Become Accessible

“Make it easy for clients and customers to access the company for information and interaction. It’s absolutely necessary to have a website. Also, be sure to build up a presence on different popular social media outlets. Having prompt customer support is also good. Have a phone number, email address and/or online chat for people to reach out to ask questions or give suggestions.”

Use Social Media

“By creating a professional social media presence, it can help you obtain credibility and appear to be larger than you are. A social media strategy that highlights the products or services you offer through photography, content, ads and reviews can make a great impression on your customer base.”

Create Quality Content

“Make sure that when your brand or executive team members are searched, quality content comes up. Whether it be contributed articles, press mentions or social profiles, make sure there is plenty of quality content to show the depth and width of your company.”

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