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Aligned Signs Blog - Astrology, Dating, Horoscope, Love

Emotions Revealed: The Eyes Say It All

There's a saying that the eyes are the windows to the soul and there's a reason for that. Your eyes give away your feelings, even if you are trying your hardest to hide them. From the position of your eyebrows to the movement of your eyes, these are all...(more)

A Happy Halloween Portion Guide To Keep You On Track

The leaves are changing and the nights are getting darker. The warmth is slowly fading and chilly breezes are more frequent. Fall is here and one of the best Fall holidays is upon us, Halloween! Lucky for us, Halloween falls on a Saturday this...(more)

A Guide to a Blissful Relationship with an ESTJ

ESTJs are clear in their mind about what they want. Most of them are known to be outspoken about their views. Their communication is effective reflecting the clarity of purpose. They set long term goals and then stick to it. The best part is they get...(more)

Know, Love or Are a Leo? Find Out Who's Most Compatibile!

Leo is represented by the Lion in Western Astrology. Just like the King of the Jungle, Leo’s energy is vibrant, passionate, full of charisma and oriented towards leadership. Check out how a Leo fares with other signs in a relationship! Leo...(more)

Want to Know If You Two are Compatible? Travel Together

It can be a few months or even a few years in: your significant other invites you on a vacation or trip alongside them. This is an exciting milestone in a relationship. You look forward to memorable and beautiful times spent side by side sipping...(more)

Your Recipe for Success! The Characteristics of Successful People

Is there a mantra to success? Do certain habits lead you there? What are the qualities that make some people better than others at what they do? If you have wondered about the answers to any of these questions, then you ought to keep reading. Success...(more)

Relationships with INFJ: Positives, Negatives & Compatibility

INFJs have the rare ability to not just dream but also execute their plans and make the dreams come true. The combination of Intuition and Feeling gives them an innate understanding of right and wrong. Though gentle in their interactions, they are...(more)

Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now? How to Tell if He's Worth Your Time!

  Few relationships make it to the stage where you commit for life. At some stage in life, you do look for someone whom you can spend the rest of your life with. The difficult part is that he has to feel the same about you! For many women,...(more)

Kick Start the New School Year With Healthy Groceries

The new school year is fast approaching and for some it's already here. Another summer has come and gone and it's time to get back to a regular routine! For many, summer was a time of splurging and eating a lot of delicious treats. But now it's time to...(more)

The Mental Benefits of Exercise

Exercise. It's the one thing we should do a little of every day but a lot of us just put it off. We know that it will help us in the long run but we can always find some sort of excuse to not do it. The physical benefits of exercise are obvious but did...(more)

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