Looking for a potential mate? If you’re hoping that the stars align for you and a special someone, there’s now a mobile app for that.

Based on the idea that meaningful and enduring relationships stem from compatible personalities as determined by astrological phenomena, self-discovery and relationship tool Aligned Signs has launched a free mobile application that employs its approach of combining the Myers-Briggs personality assessment tool, Chinese Zodiac, and Western astrology to help users find their ideal partners. Through the app a user can do all the usual social things and interact with other like-minded and star-aligned individuals and thereby hopefully find that special someone. If you believe in such things, of course.

“Aligned Signs is an empowering tool and fun approach to getting to know oneself–the cornerstone of a healthy life and the most important relationship of all–and allows users take their newfound insights and forge meaningful relationships with others,” explains Jessica Baker, founder and CEO of Aligned Signs. “We bring self-realization and the ability to connect with others who are appropriate matches all under one roof at Aligned Signs.”

The Aligned Signs app is currently available through Google Play for Android and will be rolled out for iOS in the near future.

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