What might seem counterintuitive can increase your productivity the most.

Question: As a first-time entrepreneur, how can I overcome my obsession with perfecting every part of my business?

Focus Your Energy Where It Matters Most

“It can be hard to admit that not everything in your business will be run flawlessly, especially at the beginning. If you recognize your strengths and weaknesses, you can focus perfectionist energy on the aspects of the business that only you can run. Leave other things (that don’t align with your expertise) to people who can do those things better, then trust them to execute.”

Follow Your Gut

“In seeking perfection, updates will always be required. Like a piece of art, there will always be more to improve upon. Build it to a point where it is functional and then push it out. Sometimes there isn’t always a demand for what you initially think should be improved upon. Customers will give you constructive criticism about what you should focus on.”

Set Clear Deadlines and Stick to Them

“As a busy entrepreneur, your time is your most valuable asset. Block off time in your calendar to accomplish big tasks. Then, when your time is up, send it out, regardless of how “perfect” it might be.”

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