Jump Start Your Love Life: Tips, Tricks and Wisdom

From Professional Matchmakers

The dating scene can be harder to navigate today than ever. Between social media, hook up culture, and endless options, getting a handle on the formula to lasting love is tricky. Luckily, professional matchmakers Jessica Baker, Erica Arrechea, and Melissa Lapchuk have used their years of experience to compile their advice and insider knowledge for the first time. In this collection of essays, interviews, and articles, these love and dating industry experts answer questions like: How can I use social media to my advantage while dating? What qualities can I cultivate to achieve lasting love? And once I find love, how do I know if it’ll last? All these questions and more are explored in Jump Start Your Love Life: Tips, Tricks and Wisdom from Professional Matchmakers. Now you can benefit from years of professional matchmaking experience to find your own perfect match!


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