Get a personalized astrology report that details out various aspects of yourself. Identify and make the most of your qualities so you can achieve more in your personal, emotional, and work life.  Great as gifts as well!

Get the insight and clarity you are needing.  Tap into your own imprint and find out what you are missing.  Understand your blueprint and how it might be affecting your love life and overall path.  Then get to the destination you desire.

Natal Report & Birth Chart

Understand what tools you were born with!  Get the most widely given reports for a comprehensive report to fully understand YOU! Get a 20+ page report that delves deep into what makes you tick. Find out how the planets and celestial bodies were aligned at the exact time and place of birth, how they relate to each other, and what it means for you today. Get comprehensive insight into yourself like no other!

Full Name Numerology Report

Taking your name, find the meaning to interpret your personal story and the energies that are coming your way for an entire year. Discover your full potential to succeed, and areas that deserve more attention. Using your birth date and name’s vibrations, translate the hidden meanings into a comprehensive, easy to read report that includes a day-by-day breakdown of the upcoming year.

Couples Relationship Compatibility Report

Complete Relationship includes Synastry and Composite Charts and 60+ pages of interpretation. This 60+ page in-depth analysis is great for couples, or anyone who wants to fully understand their relationship and its underlying dynamics. It details both people, your public vs. private life, the way you each demonstrate feelings, your dynamics, and more.

“As a second generation psychic medium, the abilities that I possess allow me to accurately communicate messages with spirits that have crossed over. This can help restore peace and balance in your life and guide you in the direction that you were meant to go in. I always do my best to make sure each client gets a quality reading that helps them make good decisions for their future. In addition to communicating with spirits, I am also able to listen to the advice your spirit guide is giving you which will provide guidance into any day to day issue that you are facing. Have pictures of anyone that you would like to ask about in your reading ready because I will be able to look at them and tell you
about that person. I look forward to guiding you.”

~Andrew Anderson