When people ask “what’s your sign?” they’re usually asking about your sun sign. While your sun sign is important when trying to understand where you stand astrologically, there are other variables that contribute to your unique expressions and attributes – one of the variables being your moon sign.

Your sun sign is based solely on your date of birth. Your moon sign, however, is based on your birth date, time of birth, and time zone during the time of birth. In terms of personal characteristics, your sun and moon sign influence different parts of your psyche, yet contribute equally to your overall personality. The difference between the two signs is not necessarily the traits associated with the given sign – in fact, some people have the same sun and moon sign. The difference is in how each sign affects your behaviors and ideas.

Your sun sign deals with the most basic parts of your personality. It is the foot you put forward on a daily basis and the way you approach life. Your sun sign includes your ego, reactions to different situations, work ethic, creativity and sexual preferences. These characteristics are the personal attributes that remain constant throughout your life, and are generally recognizable to both you and the people you surround yourself with. In other words, your sun sign is the way you react to external factors.

On the other hand, there is your moon sign. Unlike your sun sign, your moon sign deals with the subconscious mind. Many people associate moon signs strictly with emotions, but it covers much more than that. Your moon sign governs subconscious habits and body rhythms; it is the sign that guides you based on internal factors, such as memories, moods and feelings about different parts of your life. Your moon is not about what you are doing, but why you are doing it. It is the core of all emotionally-based actions and decisions, like turning down a long distance job offer to stay close to a family member in need, even if you want the extra money.

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The main difference between your sun and moon is that your sun sign focuses on what you want, while your moon sign focuses on what you need. Your sun might want you to move a thousand miles away for a higher paying job, and if you’re in dire need of the extra cash, your moon might want you to, too. But if you’re financially stable at your current job, it is likely that your moon sign will remind you that you that deep down, you value family more than making a few extra bucks. Think of your moon as what lies beneath the tip of the iceberg: hidden, powerful and deep.

Your sun sign is a great indicator of what you do and how you go about doing it, but it is your moon that is responsible for the actions you might not be able to explain. Learning about your sun sign helps you grasp the intricacies of your moon sign, and learning about your moon sign expands your understanding of your sun. If you’ve ever read about your sun sign and felt you couldn’t relate, it might be because you are more in tune with your moon.

Calculate your moon sign to help you better understand your sun sign. The better you get to know yourself, the better you’ll be able to interact with someone else.


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