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What will the Year of the Water Snake mean for you?

February 10, 2013 marks the beginning of the Year of the Water Snake according to Chinese Zodiac. The last Water Snake year was in 1953. For those who are a bit confused as to why it is called the Year of the Water Snake as opposed to the Year of the Snake, it is because within each twelve year cycle, there are five year elemental cycles. 2013 falls into the element of water, making it the year of the water Snake.

The characteristics of the Chinese animal signs are much the same as their counterparts in everyday life. Interactions can be harmonious or problematic depending on the characters and elements involved. Like all the signs of the Chinese and Western Astrological systems, the Snake has many positive and negative qualities. It’s up to you to emphasize the advantages.


Influences in the Year of the Water Snake

People of every sign can expect to feel influences from the predominating year-sign. Water Snakes bring increased focus on intellectual pursuits. Depending on your natural inclinations, you may feel like learning something new or taking up an old, neglected study. You may want to take a few courses at a university where you can meet people of similar interests and expand your knowledge this year. Because of the Snake’s changeable nature, you may even find yourself considering moving or changing jobs. However, beware of impulsive decisions, which is also a Snake tendency.

Attention to detail is a key element of Snake influence. You may find yourself noticing things you would normally overlook in your environment or in the people around you. This may be very helpful to you in terms of insight and self-understanding. If you are in therapy or counseling, you may make great progress at this time.

Snakes are generally associated with the fire element, so the water element this year can create balance. Water is the element of gentle persuasion, in which feelings and emotions are as important as knowledge. This may be why Water Snakes are better than other Snakes at getting along with people. Snakes dislike too much noise or excitement. It’s important to have a quiet place to withdraw to. Think about fixing up a special room for study and relaxation.

In terms of relationships, the Snake brings sexual and sensual desire, but is also picky about a potential mate. Watch out for jealousy and possessiveness this year.

Children born this year can be expected to be intelligent and curious. However, their disposition may mean that they won’t do well in a traditional school environment. If so, you may wish to educate them at home or in a specialized school. Snakes feel deeply, but do not express their feelings easily. The Water Snake child may appear shy or inattentive, but do not be fooled; he’s actually paying close attention to your words and body language. Give him plenty of space and solitude to discover himself, but let him know you’re there.

In Conclusion

Snakes can be seen as wily masters of subterfuge, but they are not viewed as evil in the Chinese worldview. They are associated with long life, protection and good fortune. Snakes are supposed to be related to dragons, the luckiest and most magical of creatures. Because they shed their skins, Snakes are also symbols of rebirth and renewal. They are a part of the natural world, to be respected but not feared.

Although 2013 may be very changeable and unpredictable, do not let fears of the unknown stop you from reaching your full potential. This year will most likely be very challenging, but it is up to you to rise to the occasion. Much like the old cliché, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger; the Year of the Snake if the perfect time to channel your inner-strength.

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