Out of all the signs of the Zodiac, Virgos often have a bit of a love-hate relationship with their own sign. It’s usually worth at least some mocking in the schoolyard when you reveal that your Zodiac sign translates to “virgin.” However, if you look at the mythology behind the name, you’ll find that Virgo might as easily have been conveyed through words like “order,” “control,” and “wisdom.” There is a lot to learn about this sign, and whether you are a Virgo or you have one in your life, there are a few key traits that you should be aware of.

First and foremost, Virgos are people who understand what needs to be done. Due to their meticulous nature, they are the natural go-to people when there is an important task at hand. If you want to make sure that something important gets done, and gets done right, you of course talk to a Virgo! This inclination makes them very dependable, even if their love for order makes them disinclined to suffer fools.

Virgos are also very loyal people. They value family and relationships and are more than happy to give advice; Virgos love solving problems. Methodical by nature, they are also

Get to Know Virgo! amazing planners and organizers. They pay attention to fine detail without missing a trick! Virgos are one of the most hardworking, determined signs. They desire knowledge and therefore value education. You won’t find a Virgo playing hooky!
As with many signs, the Virgo’s weakness is essentially his or her strength, taken to an extreme or not taken far enough. Virgos are detail people, and because of this, they may start to focus too closely on the details. They may fuss over things that are unimportant, and this stress may make them snap at others. A smart Virgo knows when to rake someone over the coals for their mistakes, and when to overlook something because it does not matter in the long run.

Virgos need to watch out for the days when they start focusing on every little thing that is wrong. Take a deep breath, and start looking at everything that is right. Virgos must not allow their perfectionism to turn into something that hinders them from doing a good job.

The Virgo In Love
Virgo is a mutable sign, which means that those born under its influence are often torn in contradictory fashions. Many Virgos resist falling in love because they are nervous about the lack of control. However, once they have committed themselves and found someone that they trust enough to hand over some of that control, they are highly romantic, very enthusiastic lovers. Virgos are picky about their lovers, and they require a lot. However, they are as willing to give as good as they get, and romancing a Virgo can be an exciting and exhilarating experience.

Good Virgo Matches
Virgo is an earth sign, which means that it will do well with the complimentary water signs. Cancers are a particularly good choice for Virgos, as a Cancer is as meticulous as a Virgo. Similarly, as a Virgo gives a Cancer a sense of stability, Cancer will help Virgo remember the big picture. Pieces and Virgo together can be a match made in heaven, but the Pieces involved should be one who has grown past the sign’s signature fault of wishy-washiness. Virgos like knowing what’s what, and they don’t like having to deal with people who don’t know what they want!

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