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In Western Astrology there are twelve divisions in which the sky is divided by 30 degree angles. These 12 divisions are in one of the four groups of elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire. The presence of the Sun in a particular division of the sky thus decides the Sun Sign of a person. Cancer is one such astrological sign and the people born between June 22nd to July 22nd of any year are considered to be inhabitants of this sign. They are called Cancerians.


Water is the key element influencing Cancer. Hence its inhabitants are quite adaptable to change. More precisely; they like to govern the change. They hate to be restricted or bound by authority.

It is quite refreshing to be around a Cancerian. They spread cheer and warmth with a delightfully free-spirited approach to life.

By nature, they are caring and selfless. Taking great pains for close associates is easy for them. They generally have large social circles as they enjoy human interactions. What helps them in these interactions is their keen perception. They are able to pick up vibes, feelings and energies from the environment and other people.

Cancerians are blessed with great memory. They cherish reminiscencing and relish in collecting mementos to mark occasions.

Spiritually, Cancerians tend to be highly evolved. They think deeply about spirituality and can present surprising insights on that topic. But they appreciate material comforts as well and generally have the resourcefulness to be self-sufficient.


Cancerians can be difficult to understand. They often hesitate to express themselves fully, especially in tough times. For people close to them it could be frustrating as on one hand they are close confidantes and on the other, they refuse to reveal themselves.

Cancerians are also prone to extreme emotions. The swings from high to low are frequent and strong. In an emotional state, they lose their rationality at times leading to regrettable decisions. They are aware of this aspect however and prefer to be alone during such phases. It is advisable to give them their space as otherwise they would appear oversensitive or touchy.

Cancer in Love


If you have a Cancerian friend, then most likely he or she is your best support. Amongst gloom, they are the shoulder you know you can always lean on. When times are good, they can also be counted on to party the hardest with you.

Cancerians have strong maternal instincts and nurture all their relationships. In their company, people feel secure, confident and positive.

As friends they are loyal and supportive at all times.

In relationships, they are ‘givers’. They are possessive in a constructive way and like to be involved in all aspects of their partner’s life.

Their romance is subtle and soulful rather than over-powering. They are able tolerate a lot of things but have no patience with disloyalty.

Cancerians get along wonderfully well with inhabitants of Pisces and Scorpio; the other two water signs.


Cancerians are blessed with many talents. Perseverance is one of them.  Alongside, they have a natural inclination to helping others and are ambitious when they want to be.  This combination makes it easy for them to climb the corporate ladder to success.

Although, many Cancerians prefer to be self-employed and working from home.  This way, they can satisfy all the needs of both personal and business within their own safe personal environment.

Most Cancer people find pleasure in creating harmony and happiness for those around them. So, finding that they have developed some form of artistry is not unusual.  Many have some sort of side talent that is shown to those they are looking to bring a smile to that might include music, creative writing, cooking or otherwise.

They are quite instinctive too. They are adept at picking up or even predicting trends. They should learn to trust their gut when looking to invest.

Other professional industries Cancers find worth exploring include teaching, nursing, catering, protection, and hospitality.

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