Aries characteristics | Western ZodiacAries is the first of twelve signs of the Western Zodiac. People born between March 21 and April 19, in any year, are considered to Arians. The word ‘Aries’ has Greek origins and fittingly the symbol representing this zodiac sign is a Ram because it is primarily associated with assertiveness and power.


Arians are aggressive people by nature and like to deal with obstacles headlong. They like to do all activities where they can use their solid physicality. Generally fearless, they like to prove their capabilities and do not like to give justifications for their actions.

Arians are defined by their sense of purpose; not much can stand in their way once they set their minds on a mission. Pugnacious and indomitable in spirit, they do not rest until they ‘win’.

Arians lead robust, healthy lives. A powerful sex drive is almost a given.

An Arian prefers to be the master of his own destiny. Though a natural exuberance and a zest for life is inherent, outwardly Arians are not highly social people. They are the ‘strong silent’ types who let their work do the talking. But they have a real concern for people, especially the ones they consider more fragile than themselves. This is reflected in their helpful attitude.

Daring, impulsive, full of life – These are some of the adjectives typically associated with an Arian. Courage is another trademark and makes them natural leaders.


Though their straight forward approach is endearing, there are situations when it might make them seem gullible. They love quick conclusions so when repeatedly thwarted, they become impatient and frustrated.

Arians can be prone to mood swings and during their ‘down’ phases, they are not one to be bothered. Infact they might come across as a bit intense with their emotions, if harassed too much.

An Arian like to have a ‘project’ at every stage in life. When involved with something, they pretty much devote themselves to it completely. Depending on the ‘project’, this can lead to degeneration of their personal or professional lives, if not careful. So, it’s best if they find a ‘project’ that can involve home life happiness and prosperity simultaneously.

Arians are so full of energy they might appear restless to others. This coupled with the impulse to ‘act’ can sometimes lead to deeds which are not fully thought through.

Aries love preferences | Aligned Signs


An Arian can turn on the charm whenever s/he wants. The vitality of their personality is their biggest draw card. In relationships, they are fervent passionate lovers. An Arian partner is not for the faint-hearted!

Also, rather than talk too much they love to do various activities together with their partners. They are generally game for all kinds of stuff ranging from outdoor activities & adventure sports to clubbing and dancing. But soft candle-lit dinners may not be for them!

They expect the same vivacity and enthusiasm in a relation and hence do well with counterparts from Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Gemini. They are always ready to jump into exciting new adventures and might get quickly impatient with their partners if they don’t have the same get up and go attitude.

The naturally leading tendencies make them want to dominate every relationship they enter into. Arians may sometimes come across as a bit brash in their communication but mean well.  The inclination to take initiative may also lead to strain in a relationship.


An Arian does well in a job that challenges him every day. Suitably, they do very well as athletes, sportspeople, dancers or even as soldiers. The resilient character and independent streak leads many Arians to set up successful businesses in manufacturing industrial equipment, machines and auto parts. An Arian hates to sit idle or do mundane stuff. S/he also does not prefer to do sedate jobs. They like to be on the move, in the thick of action and making things happen.

Their love of a thoughtful debate and innate obstinacy makes them good lawyers. They like to work unhindered and hence do well in start-ups where the dynamic environment allows them greater opportunities to showcase their varied talents.


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