Five Things To Look For When Considering Working With A Vendor

As an entrepreneur and business owner, you work with vendors on a nearly daily basis. While you certainly will be regularly courted by a series of new vendors, knowing whether it makes sense to start a partnership with one of them or

Six Communication Habits Leaders Should Remember

Becoming a great leader takes some real initiative and confidence. But how you communicate with an audience—whether it’s your own team, potential or existing customers, or industry peers—can heavily impact just how well your message and ideas are received. Using

Eight Traits To Value When Looking For The Right Co-Founder

When you are first starting out as a founder of a company, you may be caught off guard by some of the problems that can arise within a business, especially a new one. You may also discover that while you

How To Hire For Your Deficiencies In The Early Stages

Hiring for your deficiencies is one of those “it depends” questions. Who you hire first depends on your team’s current deficiencies, and your deficiencies are defined by what you are trying to accomplish. If you’re a typical startup creating a

Five Effective Methods For Keeping Stakeholders Engaged

Within a newer business, stakeholders are an essential asset for its continued success, as their input and engagement with the company can spur the company on to future achievements or potentially help locate additional resources, as well as offer insights into new opportunities for growth or different approaches

Learning From Experience: Seven Pieces Of Advice Entrepreneurs Wish They’d Listened To

Entrepreneurs get advice from a variety of people, and while some of it can lead to success if followed, other tidbits can end up leading to long-term problems and grief. A savvy business owner knows they need to pay close attention to which advice

Does Your Web Business Face One Of These Common Problems?

It’s important to do what you love, or at least to find a way to derive pleasure from whatever it is you do to earn a living. But at the end of the day, if your business isn’t making ends

Five Metrics New Businesses Should Keep Track Of

Getting a business started can be quite overwhelming. In the beginning, there is so much information coming in that business owners can be left struggling to figure out what is important and what isn’t. And even after the initial chaos settles down, it still

Seven Ways To Optimize Your Business Website

Have you been trying to increase your business site traffic, but you don’t know where and how to begin? To start, it’s essential to optimize your site for conversions and search engines. This helps your business get higher rankings in

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